Liberal protesters vs. conservative protesters

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  1. What is the difference between liberal and conservative protesters? I'll tell you.

    Cleaning up after Liberal protesters during Occupy wall st cost the american taxpayers over $13 million dollars over the first 2 months.

    Meanwhile, conservative protesters raised millions of dollars in tax revenue in a single day with chick-fil-a appreciation day. Although I dont have exact numbers, here are the numbers I do have. Chick-fil-a made $4 billion in revenue in 2011. They are also only open about 310 days per day, so that means chick-fil-a makes about $12.9 million per day. I think everyone can agree that on CFA appreciation day, business was at least tripled that day, so lets say they earned an extra $25 million that day. So for the cities, assuming an average 7% sales tax, and thats $1.75 million in revenue. This doesnt even include the tax the corporation will pay on its profits, but I think you can assume that its definitely better for the economy when Conservatives speak their mind than when liberals do.
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    "Quote from pspr:

    So, we're all going to Chic-fil-a for lunch today? I'll be at the Flower Mound, TX store around 2PM. I may bring some water for the protesters. It's supposed to be 102 degrees out there. (piss water, of course) "

    (Not that he has the guts to actually do it.)
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    I can't comment on the liberal protesters, but the conservative protesters who protested by eating Chick-fil-a meals are my heroes. Imagine you need to stand in a long line in the heat, and then have to even eat some of this stuff for expressing your political opinion. Ugh. This really indicates a strong political will. Conservatives seem to have a hard time lately.
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    The difference between conservative protesters and liberal protesters is that conservative protesters actually get stuff done.

    Look at the tea party. It has morphed into a powerful political movement and has gotten people elected throughout the nation.

    Look at Occupy Wall Street. These slobs have done nothing but cause trouble and have shown the world what useless pieces of feces they really are. Is there a single political candidate anywhere in the country that is actually running as a OWS candidate?
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    You mean the Koch brothers' astroturf movement that captured the imagination of bacteria everywhere?
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    Yes, the teabaggers actually got some of their candidates elected, so you have to respect that. The occutards on the other hand don't seem to be doing anything but hanging out and committing crimes. In San Diego the occutards attacked two food vendors who operated mobile carts because the vendors wouldn't give them free food. They destroyed their inventory by throwing human waste on it and vandalized the carts. Even my leftist friends stopped supporting the occutards after that.
  7. Heroes alright, what a joke. The first few days after the stupid comment, the business went down by something like 30%, then the heroes of the extreme right went and bought chicken. What a joke.
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    One can only hope that they continue to gorge themselves, beginning their day with a breakfast fried chicken sandwich (yes, they really have one) and work their way through the menu during the course of the day.

    Natural (de)selection meet fast forward.
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    Clarify please, just for those of us who are grammatically challenged.
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    Corrected. Thank you. I hope you can make sense of it now.
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