Liberal Pre-Chews Her Child's Food - Video

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Mar 28, 2012.

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    35 year old actress Alicia Silverstone who is an Obama supporter, environmental activist and vegan pre-chews food for her son, 10 month old Bear Blu then spits it in his mouth!

    Can liberals get any more disgusting?

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    Who are you to talk? Fox "News" does it for you.
  3. PSPR has to be seriously disturbed to make this thread and tie Obama to it :( :( :(
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    No need to make that observation conditional.
  5. You're right
  6. 377OHMS


    One of my staff is a young guy, recently married with two young children. They are all vegan (but not anything grotesque like this woman) and I've learned a little about veganism. He is a serious leftist and likes to argue so we discuss politics a little bit each day.

    His kids appear healthy and have body weight normal for kids their age so veganism doesn't seem to be hurting them. I don't eat much meat to begin with so I've learned to cook a few things from them when I visit their home. They put so much time into shopping vegan and preparing vegan food that I don't think I could do it to the extent they do.

    He is an intersting guy and has a black belt in Aikido. I've taught him to play racquetball and now he can beat me about half of the time. He reciprocated by helping me improve my tennis game.

    Out here if you don't socialize with leftists then there isn't anybody else to socialize with. :)

    The pre-chewing thing is disgusting, I've never heard of it but will ask my vegan associate about it lol.
  7. Interesting.I been eating Vegan for about 3 months now,I eat eggs ,cheese and drink whey protein which comes from diary though.Its not as hard as I thought .My bad cholesterol and blood pressure has gone down and I no longer have to take nexium for gastro reflux

    I agree the pre-chewing thing is disgusting.That silverstone chick has always been weird imo

    Your pal taking akido reminds me of my BJJ days.Before Hurricane Katrina I had taken BJJ for years .Before our class there was an Aikido class.While waiting outside for them to finish and our class to start we would laugh at them.Finally they got tired of us laughing at them and they challenged us to some sparring.For about 2 hours of multiple students sparring we owned them every time.We got every one of them to the ground and made them tap.I was a blue belt at the time and made an akido blue and brown belt tap from a kimora and Gi choke .Around half of the akido students who sparred with us that night joined our class
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    It's worse than disqusting. This woman is sick.

    I guess all the hard core liberals on ET have posted in defense of this woman since yours is the only post I see out of two pages of posts.

    What do you call food that comes OUT of a person's mouth? I call it "VOMIT"!!
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    I eat eggs and cheese too but my associate and his family say that isn't vegan.

    Their rule is hilarious, it is: "We don't eat anything with a face or anything squeezed out of something with a face". :D

    So I always try to corner them with questions like "what about oysters?" and they say "oysters have a face" LOL.

    I've never seen Aikido but I know they wear something that looks like a dress so that must have been pretty funny.
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    Its just me and Gabs and AK. :)

    I don't get the pre-chewing thing. Seems like child abuse almost. That kid is going to have some weird memories when he grows up eheh.

    Most of us think of our mom's cooking. This kid... well you get the picture. :D
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