Liberal politicians want pro-marriage businesses banned.

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  1. Boston wants Chick-fil-a banned because they are against same sex marriage.

    Chicago too.

    A councilwoman in NYC wants Chick-fil-a banned there too.

    Here is my question. Since these politicians want chick-fil-a gone because the owner of the company thinks homosexuality is wrong, when are these same politicians going to try to ban gas stations because the owners of OPEC execute homosexuals?
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    They'll get my Chicken sandwich when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers!
  3. Why do anything if you can't do it all? Might as well do nothing.
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    They need to do something to continue to appease the gays so that they keep donating to their campaigns. This is nothing more than campaign finance.
  5. The same people who want to ban Chick-fil-a wouldn't dare consider a ban on Saudi or Iranian products. (Yes, we still do commercial business with Iran -- despite the fact that they execute homosexuals and stone women to death who are accused of adultry --

    I think the chik-fil-a position on homosexuality is ridiculous, but it pales in comparison to countries where gays are routinely executed.

    In the Palestinian territories, Muslim gays say they feel safer among Jewish Israelis than among their fellow Muslims. Hundreds of Palestinian gays are now seeking asylum in Israel.

    The left loves the Palestinians, but hate chick-fil-a. The hypocrisy on this issue is breathtaking.
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    Was your gay brother pounding your hairy stink hole when you typed this nonsense?
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    I think I buy a few chicken sandwiches from them next week.
  8. It's certainly your right to support a business that supports bigotry. I would expect nothing less from you.
  9. Bigotry is defined as a stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one's own.

    Sounds to me like its the politicians and leftists who are the bigots. They are intolerant of the religious beliefs of the owner of Chick-fil-a.

    I guess that would make you a bigot too, right futurecurrents?
  10. You had to look up the definition of bigotry didn't you?

    Protesting bigotry is not bigotry.... even in your world.
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