Liberal or Conservative- Which would be a better Day Trader?

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  1. I think a persons entire thought process can be defined and understood somewhat by seeing whether they are a liberal or a conservative.

    Which thought process and person do you think would make for a better day trader, a liberal or a conservative?
  2. John McCain would be a very poor trader because he can't remember how many shares he owns.
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    Obama wouldn't believe in day trading because that would mean you would own stock. You aren't allowed to have private property in a socialist country.
  4. achilles28


    Conservative with the stops.

    Liberal with the profits.

    Don't matter, friend.
  5. BSAM


    So, are you saying liberals are poor traders?
  6. Conservative vs. Democrat determines little on how each person reacts emotionally. My vote is for Conservative. More profits, lower taxes.
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    I like this. My previous post was just for the idiot before me.
  8. Socialist nations allow private property. It's communism that requires all property to be held by the state. Geez, and you called me an idiot?
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    Are you serious? Communism is merely a form of socialism. In true socialism there is no such thing as private property. Here is a little reading in case you need help.
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    From that wikipedia entry: " socialism is a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism".

    Read the Manifesto for yourself. Communism is the ultimate utopia where the state withers away. There has never been a true communist state, nor can there be, (at least according the the Manifesto).

    That's why I always grit my teeth everytime I hear China's government reffered to as "communist". They have a Communist party, but the governement is far from communism. There are many wealthy Chinese real estate owners, and manufacturing plant owners, and private customs brokers as well. The government owns a lot of industry too. But to call them "communist" is as inaccurate as calling the USA "capitalist".
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