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    CBS Pentagon correspondent David Martin acknowledged Monday that he killed a report about how the U.S. was dealing with Improvised Explosive Devices in Iraq after a senior military officer complained that it contained information useful to the enemy.

    Martin, writing on the CBS blog Public Eye, said that the report had been scheduled to air as the lead story on the CBS Evening News on Thursday and that he pulled it just one hour before airtime. "Not a good career move," he wrote.

    Martin further acknowledged that he had set aside other stories at the request of the Pentagon "a number of times over the years, and each time it's turned out that going with the story wouldn't have caused any harm." In the latest case, he said, he concluded that his report "might conceivably be news the enemy could use to make their IEDs more effective. It wasn't clear cut, but it was close enough." killed story at pentagons request_21_02_06
  2. Give them time. The neo-commies will find something about this guy who whine about. But first, one of their propaganda gurus has to come up with the standard party line.
  3. Ridiculous statement.

    A television reporter does the right thing by not airing information that may be useful to the enemy and thus harmful to American troops.

    That is propaganda?
  4. Do you know how to read? re-read my post before commenting on it. I recall you were one of the posters whining about how the media is "liberal". So much for your "liberal" bias. Another stupid neo-commie assertion put to rest.

    Quote from hapaboy:

    Ridiculous statement.

    A television reporter does the right thing by not airing information that may be useful to the enemy and thus harmful to American troops.

    That is propaganda?
  5. One story or a few stories prove nothing... idiot.

    But 30 years of liberal slant is there if you look close enough.

    Funny, but liberals will argue about how the media can control the masses - true enough - but are in denial that they themselves have been influenced to such an extent that it has become just a normal part of life. They have no idea that those of a more conservative attitude see many stories as liberally biased..

    Once again, they live in the World if Denial.........
  6. The "liberal media" in complete control of the electorate....

    Reagan elected for a second term carrying 49 of 50 states with a liberal media? Not possible.

    Bush 41 wins despite the power of the "liberal media"....again, not possible.

    Bush 42 elected twice with the mind control of the all powerful "liberal media" in control....again, not possible.

  7. It's illuminating of the liberal mindset that this reporter seems to expect some sort of good citizenship media marytr award for doing precisely what any loyal American would do under the circumstances. Only a loyal american wouldn't feel the need to write about it, basically give away the story to the terrorists anyway, and wrap himself in liberal victimology.

    Just another example why reporters do not belong in combat zones.
  8. Learn how to read.....

    Your right, the media doesn't control the electorate. Did anyone say that it does ?

    All I'm saying that there is a liberal bias to the media. And so, people are influenced, not controlled.

    You need to be able to see the issue from a conservative side. Step out of the box for once.

    Think from the conservative side - think of a few issues like abortion, gun ownership, welfare entitlements....

    Have you ever read an article by say, the NYT giving the conservative arguement ? Never gonna happen....
  9. jem


    I agree. do liberals think that a good liberal reporter does not care about national security-- that a liberal reporter should run stories that could harm our troops just becuase they do not like Bush?

    Not running that story is not Conservative or Liberal. It was being a good american.

    I would hope liberals would understand the above statement.
  10. Oh yeah, verrrrrry strong influence.

    That's why Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II got in. That's how the republicans took control of the congress. That's why people listen to right wing radio.....

    Too funny.

    Your "liberal media" obsession, practically speaking, is little but a canard.

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