Liberal Immigration destroying states

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    Immigration is killing large swaths of this country. No, not Mexicans. No, not the scourge of the North, our cold furry Canadian friends. Our immigration problem is internal. To quote Walt Kelly’s Pogo, “We have seen the enemy, and they is us.”

    Blue state migration has to stop. Sadly enough, blue states have a right to exist. Yes, there are people who actually believe blue state solutions work. This begs the question…why don’t they stay there?

    Arizona and Nevada are under siege. Idaho and Montana have liberals arriving en masse for peace and quiet, failing to grasp that the piece and quiet exists because they are not there. Florida is being turned into Manhattan. The solutions to this migration could get bloody.

    The people in Arizona have begged their governor to protect their borders. Those calls have went unheeded, as elderly liberal retirees arrive for cheap real estate and better quality of life. It is called lower tax rates, and it is at the heart of red state success. How will Arizona absorb all these blue state aliens? Given how old they are, won’t they be a drain on the state health care system?

    Liberals have every right to destroy their own areas. Yet why should they have a right to screw up pristine areas of Americana that survived and thrived specifically because they did not live there?

    I voted for President Bush twice, but if he does not build a fence at the Florida border…that being the one that is next to South Carolina…then the retirees will keep coming.

    Cities are for liberals. Quiet rural areas are for conservatives. Liberals move into rural areas, and then start demanding everything that represents their culture. They need lattes. They need mochas. They need gyms to do aerobics. They need yoga centers. They need delicatessens with very specific types of pickles. They need smoothie shops, and sushi places, and upscale shopping malls. It does not stop. They simply need, and need, and need. There is no place left for red staters to go. How many people wake up and beg their family to move to Massachusetts?

    The Minutemen should not worry about the Mexicans, because love them or not, they cannot vote. Liberals can vote, and they regularly win 18 states in presidential elections. The other 32 states have not been lost yet, but if they do not get protection soon, they will be swallowed up faster than you can say “vegan food store.”

    I understand that liberals came to this country in search of a dream, and some would say segregating them smacks of apartheid, but why should conservatives be punished for creating a society that works?

    The President is tearing apart the republican coalition by his unwillingness to protect New Hampshire from Vermont and Rhode Island. The liberals are in favor of gun control. Of course they are. The conservatives are trying to prevent their sovereignty from being overrun by these very same liberals.

    The conservatives are not blameless in this matter. By being Pro-life on the abortion issue, they are only preventing liberals from committing eugenics on themselves. These non-abortions are going to be future liberals. By giving them amnesty 20 years ago, they just brought all their relatives, which would not have been an issue had they been aborted.

    America is fighting a War on Terror, and we cannot win this war when we cannot even protect our own borders. Some would say rounding liberals up and deporting them back to San Francisco or Boston would be cruel, and that separating them from their families is inhuman. Given that Harvard and Stanford are fine universities, they should offer scholarships to those who promise to stay and reinvest in the local communities.

    Drastic measures might be necessary. In the same way farmers are paid to let land lay fallow, blue staters, parasites that they are, might need to be given subsidies to stay where they are.

    I voted for Dubya twice, with no regrets. I agree with him on most issues, but he has an obligation to protect the borders. If this is not solved now, the best parts of America will be overrun with these outsiders. Chicago will spill over into Indiana. Palm Beach has already been dragged down by the Upper West Side of Manhattan. San Diego does not have the army, despite its military presence, to avoid a crush of Los Angeles carpetbaggers and scalawags.

    Iraq and Afghanistan are important, and our military is doing a fabulous job. However, all that will be meaningless if our National Guard allows the Sharia Law Cab drivers to migrate and spread their doctrines from Minneapolis to North Dakota.

    Perhaps we need to get the Center for Disease Control involved. Liberalism is a poison, and if we can quarantine people in Seattle and Portland, we can save Utah and Wyoming from becoming infected.

    We need Army Rangers and Navy Seals, and we need them now. The red states simply cannot absorb these migrants. It is time to close the borders, and send the blue staters back to their wine tasting, brie cheese eating, tax crushing areas that they came from. No one has an absolute right to live in Texas or Oklahoma. Asking what is wrong with Kansas by people from the left is like having Charles Manson question why school librarians refuse to understand the beauty of homicidal rampages.

    Protect our borders now Mr. President. No more amnesty. We should not even allow a guest worker program, especially since most of these liberals are retired anyway, and have no desire to work, choosing to sponge off state services instead. Unlike the immigrants of 100 years ago, these immigrants do not assimilate. They refuse to adopt to red state culture, instead clinging to their own failed traditions.

    Deport the blue staters back to their original areas. The fact that they messed up their own lives is not my problem.

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