Liberal Group Threatening Lives Of Conservative U.S. Supreme Court Justices

Discussion in 'Politics' started by rc8222, Mar 4, 2011.

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  2. Common Cause's position is ludicrous. By their logic, Justice Thurgood Marshal couldn't have participated in any civil rights cases, which ironically would have been a good idea.

    Whether what they are doing is criminal or not, they are certainly using underhanded tactics to try to undermine two sitting justices. This seems to be a pattern with liberals. Don't debate the actual issue. Rather, attack your opponents, try to destroy their livelihood, send a rent-a-mob- from obama's old thug outfit to their homes or just bus in union goons and try to shut down a state legislature with violence and threats.
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    After some coaxing (by a videographer for a conservative website)... oops, how did that little factoid make it into Fox's report?

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    This whole thing doesnt seem much different then when the right wing loons were throwing death threats at congressmen who voted for obamacare...... Its amazing how short most peoples memories are.
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    There you go again, Hello. Would you pick one side of the fence and stay there?!!
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    What purpose would that serve? Should i just block my mind to one side? I dont buy into any of this petty garbage that one side is holds the trophy for being the most "Hypocritical," "violent," "Racist," etc..... If you want to talk to me about how much i despise government it is a different story.... I could go for days on end in that case....

  9. Why don't you put him on ignore weasel. OFF WITH HIS HEAD!
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