Liberal Film Critic Roeper Slams 9/11 Conspiracy Nuts

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  1. i find it odd to say the least that u try find every explanation [for how much unplausible it is] for every suspicious event that took place n connection to 9/11. i mean, do u think it is all made up just for the sake of conspirin'?
    u are tryin' to justify the unjustifiable and i just cannot comprehend that. why all the data about transactions that took place in that year has been completely wiped out from any database. dont u find it very suspicious?

    and for what concerns conspiracies theories they might be popular but they dont interest me at all, none of those i read so far really carry any weight imo, neither has the insignificant evidence supportin' it. it's just 9/11 that show a consistent pattern of deciept and corruption...look at the opportunity the motives, the enormous amount of inconsistencies and suspicious events, it all points at a massive cover up and frankly even if there's just 1 single lie the government has told us about it and the discovery that in the end there was an intention to mislead then the whole official version of the facts falls apart just cuz it cannot be relied and trusted upon. the amount of evidence supportin' the gov's view that terrorists were responsible for the attacks pales compared to that supportin' it was an inside job. i mean, jesus xrist how can be so hard to believe this admininstration had a hand in it when a similar plan was already laid out decades ago in operation northwood.

    u can still believe what u wish tho pabst, i think the truth will come out sooner or later and u'll finally realize u've been a puppet and a pawn all along.
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  2. back in 2000 rumsfy said in a memo that if another pearl harbor wasnt to occour the white house agenda would be doomed.
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  3. Since when have repugnikans been interested in the truth?

    They seek power, profit and control, not truth nor justice...

    Just imagine if Bush had kept tape recordings the way Nixon did of what goes on behind closed doors...

    The issue to me is not whether or not 9/11 was a product of some grand conspiracy (I doubt it) but that the way in which this administration seized on the opportunity following 9/11 to advance the neocon agenda along with other hidden secret political and financial agendas...

    In the end, when we look to who profited the most in terms of acquisition of power and financial gain, the truth is to be found.

    The very fact that we see such blind partisanship, which wants to immediately squash any doubt or investigation, which portrays the Bush adminstration as pure as the driven snow, which supports a government that is opaque at best...not transparent, goes against the pattern of presidential administrations and abuse of power we have seen in the past.

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  4. u are rigth, it is utterly useless to try reason with absolutist fascists, they have no interest in the truth; what matters to them is that the government is free from scrutiny, untouchable, unable to lie and do any arm as for default while the public has to put up with it and shut up....what freaks me out is that if it was up to them those seekin' to reopen 9/11 should be buried under a mile of cement and the only investigation conducted into the events blindly accepted as properly conducetd and revealin' the only possible truth.
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  5. The pattern of secrecy began before 9/11."bush administration secrecy"

    Secret meetings with oil companies?

    Why on earth does that need to be secret...

    As stated by William Jennings Bryan in 1915:
    The government being the people’s business, it necessarily follows that its
    operations should be at all times open to the public view. Publicity is
    therefore as essential to honest administration as freedom of speech is to representative government. “Equal rights to all and special privileges to
    none” is the maxim which should control in all departments of

    Or as Justice Louis D. Brandeis said in 1933, “sunlight is said to be the best of

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  7. Competency of this administration is also the question in addition to whether or not they are ultimately trustworthy.

    Few except blind party loyalists will not find fault with the way in which Iraq has been handled, yet the administration's "Stay the Course" is essentially saying "Continue to trust us even though we don't really know what the heck we are doing."

    Why Rumsfeld still has a job is a mystery, he must have some dirt on Bush that Bush is afraid he might go public with if Rumsfeld was fired....

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  8. and prolly on his father and cheney as well.
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  9. Pabst


    Yes, of course I think it's made up just for the sake of conspirin'.

    I think if the WWW had been around in 1963 there'd be millions of web sites pointing to the grassy knoll.

    What I find weird Bit is that people focus on the bullshit instead of the real conspiracies engulfing us. IOW ridiculous stuff like WT7 or Katrina get's the attention of every juvenile blogger around. But where's the honest, factual discussions about Israel's immense influence on American/British policy in the Mid-East? Or think of how little American's know of deals with Cuba that kept Russian missiles out, Castro in and Guantanamo operational. Those treaties and agreements are VERY opaque.

    So Bit in reality I find these ridiculous 9/11 assertions (and one or two could be money) to be the ultimate anti intellectual but worse the ultimate-red herring, distractions from REAL issues. It doesn't take balls to yell "war for oil" or some nonsense. Instead it takes balls to say "why the fuck are Americans dying for Israel's land grab?" Or, "why do muslims engaged in so many global acts of terror?" If Michael Moore spoke any REAL truths he'd have been taken out long ago. Instead he merely distracts while the real problems keep on spinin' out of control.
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  10. "But where's the honest, factual discussions about Israel's immense influence on American/British policy in the Mid-East?"

    Any criticism of Israel is immediately met with cries of anti Semitism.

    Look at how Buchanan has been branded for his unpopular views on Israel's actions.

    The PR machine that blindly defends the actions of Israel is quite strong, and few politicians have the gumption to bite the hand that most often feeds them...

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