Liberal Film Critic Roeper Slams 9/11 Conspiracy Nuts

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Pabst, Aug 18, 2006.

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    This is good for a laugh!!

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    This is Even Better

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    Pabst, you evil conniving bastard. Is it true you also killed Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, and JonBenet? And what about this whole "Matrix" thing? Are the machines really controlling my mind?

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  3. I have it on good intel that Pabst is the real life Dr. Evil. Where does he reside? Area 51 ring a bell? Yep! He's an alien too. All part of the grand plan to have us destroy ourselves without his alien nation ever having to fire a shot from their death ray space craft. After Iran laucnhes the first nuke, which by the way is being sold to them by the Bush administration, all nations will get involved and the end will come soon after. Then Pabst and his alien buddies come waltzing in and take over. That about cover it Pabst, you evil prick?!
    Wait! My decoder ring is picking up some new stuff. Gotta' run.
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  4. LOL!

    Pabst, you asshole, you just blew the lid off the whole shebang. Next thing you'll be revealing the secrets of the Devil's Triangle and divulging that Elvis is hanging out in Cheney's basement. Sonuvabitch traitor to the neocon movement...
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  5. I am still waiting for an answer to my prior post questions ....

    thank you
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  6. u rememeber the sec/fbi investigation comin' to the conclusion that all those huge transactions were just natural instincts by traders? that gotta be the most idiotic justification i ever heard to cover up this whole affair. tho, since u just gotta hang around here to grasp then level of independent thinkin' of the average american, should not come as surprise it has been accepted as a reality. rofl
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  7. Pabst


    FEMA never felt completely confident in their own findings which claimed fire on the 5th through 7th floors for the collapse. I'm sure you've already read the report but they admit no knowledge of another steel structured building collapsing so completely because of a seemingly moderate fire. FEMA has contracted the National Institute of Standards and Technology for a more comprehensive study. That report has been tardy. Perhaps you can contact the institute and receive a timeline.
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    Perhap's you'll enjoy this article, bit.

    I can tell you this, when you trade a listed futures, options or stock in the United States your identity is completely transparent to regulators. No warrants needed. That's why successful "inside" traders use elaborate off shore omnibus accounts. The SEC may get as far as knowing the trade was from Acme Partners LLC of Thailand as executed by Goldman but they have a bitch finding out who the "partners" in Acme are. It doesn't appear any "ruse" was used on 9/11.

    Besides common sense would dictate that if one were rich and powerful enough to squash the 9/11 investigation on their options activity they'd also be rich enough to make more than a lousy couple of million on the inside news of the century.
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  9. problem is pabst that those bastards are protected by law: the sec said that couldn't go into details just because of the existin' rights protectin' investors anonymity...the sec sure may know who the fuck did what that day but aint willin' to release it to the public.
    your common sense assertion is just that, an assertion...those involved dont necessarly need to be rich as hell and a few millions dollars is not pocket change. also an enormous transaction would have sure raised more than one eyebrow and u just dont know when they have been alerted of the attacks date..if it was right before it, they wouldnt have much time to accumulate millions of shares. still, remember that most of those profits were never collected and remain so to this date...clearly those involved either chickened out or have been ordered not to it is safe to assume from the course of action they just took a chance.

    edit; it's not necessarly the case that those involved in those trades were also responsible for quashin' the investigation...i think those in higher places had more interests in blockin' the enquiry than the insiders 'emselves.
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  10. Pabst


    A few things. Of COURSE their anonymity should be protected. It's really no one else's business. What if you'd innocently bought a few UAL puts. Would you like your name and some other traders names to be on the NYT web site. Hardly. Much the same way if I'm audited without a forthcoming indictment I wouldn't expect the IRS to publicly mention my income.

    Secondly I can find no credible site that mentions uncollected winnings. As you know a put position isn't a lotto or race ticket (I went to the track today) but is a position held in a funded securities account. So there's no such thing as uncollected trades. Is that to say there's a trading account that has a positive balance but the owner has not requested a wire? I can find no mention of this account except in the looniest of web sites. Not exactly "proof" eh?

    I realize conspiracy scenarios have ALWAYS been popular. Seldom true though. For starters in something of a 9/11 scope, WAY too many people are needed to comply. If one were to listen to the mad rantings you'd have to think the NYPD, FAA, FBI, CIA, SEC and the 9/11 Commission ect. were all complicit in the murder of 3000 people. Get real. The payoff for the multitudes involved is what? The motive is what? Unfortunately there's so little honor in society today that conspiracies CAN"T work. Why? People sell each other out for very little. The first guy from FEMA who gets a DUI would be saying "if I tell you what I know can we knock this charge down?" What ultimately killed the Mafia in the U.S? Guy's ratting each other out. These day's it's a past time.
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