Liberal Film Critic Roeper Slams 9/11 Conspiracy Nuts

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  1. i have never said tower 2 was a controlled demo... but i sure as hell say without any doubt that 7 was. watch it.. that is symmetry at its best. not to mention..... larry FKN ADMITS IT PEOPLE !!!!!


    the question is not if.. it is HOW? it takes weeks to prep..... this means pre-knowledge. lets find out who wired the bldg... see where that trail leads us.

    i dont want to hear anymore neocon bullshit.... what do they have to hide??? lets get the truth.
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  2. Agree.... we need to work backward here....

    Find how who/what/where/why about any knowledge about wtc7 being wired so it can be "pulled" and find out where the trail leads...

    You are not wiring a building for demo in a couple
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  3. mamamia


    You can't be serious! Please tell me you are not another trolling moron stuck on the <official smoke and mirrors> mantra.

    Typically 50% of controlled demolitions have some deviation from the vertical. 33% have some clear tipping effect as compared the building footprint. Keep in mind these were the tallest ever brought down. So one of the towers 1/3 = 33% one of the 3 buildings, had a small asymmetry, and that supports your point?
    Look it up, watch the videos. Sheeeshhh

    After seeing all the media films, the firefighters interviews, live communications at the time, only a complete idiot will not conclude it was a controlled demolition.
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