Liberal Fareed Zakaria sets left wingers straight. Excellent video.

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    Excellent video for all these deluded leftwingers like Bill Maher who are still trying to claim the reason Obama got smoked last tuesday was for not going far enough left.

    It is pretty sad when you have gone so far off the liberal deep end that it takes a liberal like fareed Zakaria to set you straight. Its funny listening to Bill Maher at the end of the video say "thats not true" in total denial as to just how unpopular the healthcare bill was, as the other guests tell him about the actual polls for it.

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  2. Excellent and hits on how out of touch these people are. To make the argument that because Obama didn't go left enough, the people responded by voting the most republicans into office since 1947.
  3. I will agree it was an interesting exchange of different opinions by two people on essentially the same side of the political spectrum whom I hold in fairly high regard. It was dialogue. It was rather unlike when two Right Wingers get together and exchange talking points that then find their way to every Right Wing drone and are repeated in rote fashion across the media in every interview and all across the Internet.
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    How high does making false accusations of racism rate on the list of liberal talking points about the tea partiers?
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  6. Maher was right,Zakaria was wrong. Democrats loss so many seats because the base stayed home.The base stayed home because Obama kept pissing them off by appeasing to Republicans.

    As Maher pointed out,the biggest democratic losers were the blue dogs like Blanche Lincoln.
  7. Here are the 45 Obamacare-supporting House Democrats who are no longer in Congress
  8. Base my ass. You lost the independents. They didn't stay home.
  9. While I suppose there are some people crying wolf, I genuinely believe that a good deal of the Tea Party has a basis in racism. It was much more clear and overt during the early days before they were told to tone it down and reign it in. But it's still largely the same people with adjusted and less overt talking points. They got better at disguising their motivation to make themselves ostensibly more acceptable.
  10. How many who voted for Obama care were re elected? House and Senate
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