Liberal Eleanor Clift: Newt Is Right About A Lot Of things

Discussion in 'Politics' started by JamesL, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. JamesL


    Eleanor Clift, a regular guest of "The McLaughlin Group" and columnist for Newsweek, appeared on CNN's "Reliable Sources" today to discuss Newt Gingrich and the media.

    "I think he's right about a lot of that. And I think that's even more irritating, the fact that he is right." Eleanor Clift said about Newt Gingrich's performance at the debates and his rebukes of the press "I think he will make a great non-Romney. He will make the race entertaining. He'll make Romney perform."
  2. pspr


    Even Bill Clinton has nice things to say about him.

    I have this feeling that the democrats know something about Newt that the general public doesn't know and they would use it in the final weeks of the general election.
  3. Max E.

    Max E.

    I am kind of thinking the same thing, they are promoting newt cause he has so much baggage thats the guy they want to run against.

  4. Wallet


    Polls show anonymous GOP candidate ahead of Obama, but when matched against specific candidates it's dead-even or slightly in Obama's favor. Basically when matched against the fundamentals, the Pub's lead........ when they start hammering that message home, the spiraling debt and depth of the abyss that this economy is in and which way each party wants to lead, we will finally see some separation. everyone has dirty laundry to some degree, the Pub's need to turn the focus from trivia to what really matters.
  5. pspr


    If the polls are even, give it to the challenger. Most undecideds will swing to the new guy.
  6. If they can find a pub that is balanced with few skeletons, they will obliterate the incumbent.....but the cannot.

    Christie truly was their best hope, but he knew he would come off poorly on TV, so he was smart enuf to not run.

    Put Chris Christie in Romney's body, and Obama is a dead duck. But again, that will never be.
  7. Lucrum


    We can "Hope" though can't we?
  8. pspr


    Hopie Changie. That SOB is dead weight. He's gone already!