Liberal Democrats Are The Biggest Waste Of Humanity!!!!!

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    Liberal Democrats make me absolutely sick!!!!! They want to place blame for the Arizona shootings on Sarah Palin and the Tea Party, when the evidence clearly shows that this nut job was a liberal extremist. Hey libertards, why not claim Sarah Palin and the Tea Party was responsible for the Kennedy assassination?
    Now the libertards are again pissing and moaning claiming that we need to revisit the Fairness Doctrine, when in fact it's liberal news networks that dominate the media. You have CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, and CNN that continue to promote Obama and the liberal extremest agenda of the Democratic Party, while Fox News is the lone voice for conservatives as far as televised media is concerned. But yet, these pussy libertards say their the ones not being treated fairly by getting equal time to promote their views? ROFLMAO!!!!!! As for the radio airwaves, right wing conservatives like Rush Limbaugh always have and will continue to give liberals fits. The left wingers whine that they aren't being treated fairly or given equal treatment on the radio, when in fact they have just as many, if not more liberal talk shows. The only difference is that no one listens to their programs!!!! LOL While right wing conservatives like Limbaugh and Glen Beck have millions and millions that tune in daily.
    What next liberals? Have your leader Fidel Obama try and enact legislation that forces the American people to listen to liberal talk radio, or pay a fine to the IRS?
    It's mindless, shit for brains libertard thinking that explains why a majority of Americans identify themselves as conservatives. Thank God for that!!!!! :D :D :D
  2. Probably exactly how Jared thought.
  3. Haha ;)
  4. Try again, Jared IS (not was) a liberal democrat. Another swing and yet another miss from commrade omega.

  5. Yep, conservatives have absolutely no one to talk for them over on the MSM, except for Charles Krauthammer, George Will, Pat Buchanan, Larry Kudlow and the entire staff of CNBC, conservatives - and drooling morons - each and every one of them (with the possible exception of their economics guy, who seems to be somewhat offended by the ignorance displayed by the rest, but he's spineless in his attempts to educate these wastes of bandwidth on the realities of economic life), Fox Business, which squares both the conservatism and the idiocy and scumminess of the CNBC folks (double counting Fox, I know; but notice how NBC has MSNBC counterbalanced by CNBC, whilst Fox is just the same One Trick Pony, droning the same BS over and over and over, just like the dust-and-cobwebs-for-brains conservatives around here), Thomas Sowell, Joe Scarborough (on MSNBC, no less!!!), the entire Wall Street Journal editorial staff, not to mention Barron's, (does that triple-count Fox now that Murdoch took them over? I would be sorry, but I'm not), the entire editorial staff of Forbes, the New York Post, the Washington Times, etc.
    What do conservatives do to deserve all this? Whine like little babies about how they have no place that serves them up their crypto-fascist BS.
    Buncha wankers.
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    Liberals are opportunistic wankers. Truth matters little to them and they will say anything to advance their agenda.

    Like the time Hillary claims she was running from her plane with bullets whizzing over head. Funny how the other passengers remember it differently.

    And, Bill's statement on national TV, "I never had relations with that woman." Or, it depends upon what the definition of "is" is. This from a sitting President.

    Disgusting Morons, all of them.
  7. You're kind of like the person in the chicken costume out at the curb in front of the Chick-Filet restaurant holding up the sign ...COME ON IN. Sure ....he wasn't. If you say so.

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    The Dems haven't a clue as to the magnitude of the damage they did to themselves this weekend.

    The whole country saw the unbelievable attempt to smear conservatives and they are still processing what they saw and heard.
  9. Question is why is drive time Conservative talk radio successful and drive time Liberal talk radio is unsuccessful?

    Because most Conservatives have jobs and drive to work.
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    Well, Al Franken is one explanation. A huge clown whos election really illustrates the clown-like nature of the electorate in Minnesota. I mean, could there be a state more associated with goofiness and stupidity?

    Air America was doomed from the first minute.
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