Liberal ban on magazine size.

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    I want to start this post by saying that i have never owned, or fired a gun, and have no intention of firing a gun.

    Liberals want to ban high capacity magazines.

    Lets say we do that, what is stopping a potential shooter from loading 6 glocks and holstering them all fully loaded, as opposed to having one thirty bullet clip in the pocket. What happens then? Seems like another version of liberal stupidity in my eyes.

    If a guy is fully content on killing he isnt going to let magazine laws slow him down, hed just buy 5 more glocks fully loaded and when one clip runs out of the gun he is shooting he would grab the next fully loaded gun in his pocket and start firing. :It doesnt seem like rocket science to me, even though i have never shot a gun..... what would slow a psychopath down in this scenario?? Certainly it wouldnt be magaine laws..... unless they limited him to 1 bullet per clip
  2. I think we should put penguins in a bag and throw them out onto the freeway.
  3. [​IMG]

    10 gun myths

    America's Taliban (Christians, Baptists, Mormons, etc..) are not going to like facts and reality; damn that liberal bias.

    Instead of focusing on guns, why don't these degenerates go get some real jobs and go to school in order to stop being poor and stupid.
  4. Better question: Why in the world does one need a gun in the first place?

    My best answer: The world is a big scary place for these incompetent people so the gun in their minds provides them some sort of protection.
  5. The simple fact is, people have the right to defend themselves, if you choose not to own a gun that's your business but it's none of your business whether I own a gun or not.

    Better: Question is: Why should you be guaranteed the freedom of speech or assembly etc

    I mean unless you intend on saying something (congregating with criminals) you are not supposed to you don't need that right eh?
  6. Facts and reality? You're totally detached from reality if you think Christians, Baptists, and Mormons are "America's Taliban." Go to Afghanistan and educate yourself on the Taliban; I'm sure they'd be happy to pull your head out of your ass before they cut it off.
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    Because as we have witnessed with Jared Loughner, liberals are mentally unstable and can fly off the handle at any given moment.
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    I would like an honest, sincere answer to this question for all you ET liberals. Do you really truly believe that passing gun control laws will keep guns out of the hands of criminals? Seriously, do you?

    Let me ask another question. Do you believe making drugs illegal stops drug use?

    Do you believe making prostitution illegal stops prostitution?

    Can you give one example of a law that has stopped what it was intended to stop?
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    Who says anyone believes in perfection? Or "always", or "never"?

    It's funny, decades ago liberals were considered wishy-washy because of their frequent use of qualifiers like "mostly", "rarely", etc.
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