Liberal Alan Dershowitz blasts Zimmerman prosecution: 'NOT ONLY IMMORAL, BUT STUPID'

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  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    With ABC News’ release of the George Zimmerman photo showing blood flowing freely from his head, the question becomes whether Angela Corey, the prosecutor in the case, had access to the photo before charging Zimmerman with second-degree murder.

    The arrest affidavit did not mention the photograph, or the bleeding, gashes, and bruises on Zimmermans’ head. Professor Alan Dershowitz of Harvard Law School stated upon release of the arrest affidavit that it was “so thin that it won’t make it past a judge on a second degree murder charge … everything in the affidavit is completely consistent with a defense of self-defense.”

    After the release of the photo, however, Dershowitz went much further, telling Breitbart News that if the prosecutors did have the photo and didn’t mention it in the affidavit, that would constitute a “grave ethical violation,” since affidavits are supposed to contain “all relevant information.”

    Dershowitz continued, “An affidavit that willfully misstates undisputed evidence known to the prosecution is not only unethical but borders on perjury because an affiant swears to tell not only the truth, but the whole truth, and suppressing an important part of the whole truth is a lie."

    When asked if it made a difference whether the prosecution had the bloody photograph at the time they charged Zimmerman, Dershowitz responded, “We do know that there were earlier photographs before the affidavit was done that strongly suggested blood on the back of the head, and we know the police had first access to him, so if there was blood they [the prosecution] would know about it …

    "I've had cases in Florida against prosecutors,” Dershowitz said, “and this is not the first time they have willfully omitted exculpatory evidence. It's a continuing problem. Here, it’s not only immoral, but stupid. The whole country is watching. What do they benefit from having half-truths in an affidavit?"

    Dershowitz added, "I'm not taking sides, but I'm insisting that both sides play by the rules, and so far the prosecution is not playing by the rules."
  2. Actually I was waiting for comments from Dershowitz.

    If Z loses, probably Alan will do the appeal.
  3. Max E.

    Max E.

    If Zimmerman ends up going to jail for second degree murder the defense lawyer should start looking for a new line of work, because he will forever be known as the most incompetent lawyer in history.

    For the life of me i cant understand how Angela Corey decided to go ahead with second degree murder charge.... I guess for her its a loss leader, where she is willing to embarass herself, in order to get a soundbite in an election year. She knows there wont be a verdict till after the election, so she doesnt care that she is going to look stupid on this one.