Libby, or my love affair with audio books

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    A few months ago I have fallen in love with audio books, and the affair is still hot and heavy. The best part is that they are free and available on my phone.

    The app is called Libby and you only need to have a library card. Assuming your library system is pretty big, the number of books available is in the tens of thousands. It works exactly the same way as borrowing a book, you have 21 days renewable, and sometimes you have to wait for popular titles.

    Driving 5-6 hours? We are listening to Libby hooked up to the car's stereo. Walking (alone or with dog)? Playing Libby from my chest pocket. Painting the room (or any quiet but monotonous activity)? Listening to Libby. Sunbathing outside? Why would I try to read books anymore in the bright sun, when there is Libby?

    As I am getting older, the enjoyment of holding a book is less and less, but that is OK, because there is the lazy man's best friend, Libby!!

    Oh yeah, one more great use: If you can't sleep, download a boring book, I promise 3 pages will put you to sleep like a liter of vodka. :)

    One last advice: If you live in a library free zone, you can get a non-resident Brooklyn public library card for $50 per year and use their system. You are welcome...
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  2. Thank you for the recommendation! I love audiobooks too so I will look into it.