Liar making outrageous claims!

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    This make sme sick and drives me mad...

    Have you seen this from a web site selling FX videos for $3,200?
    Well all that hard word really paid off... BIG TIME! (All $10,000,000 + of it, I average around $170,000 a month, highest months almost top the 1/2 million mark) (FX)

    And yet he spends all day posting on a marketing forum and have several I.M. products.....He even says he "activley trades the FX market". Yet he runs about 6 other businesses and on the forum all day. YEAH RIGHT.

    I feel like reporting this bogus b*ser. Can I? Do any good?

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    This is what this guy has just replied to me on a forum:
    By the way, I make more than $170k a month, it's more near $7 million a week, but who's counting.

    It's a bit scary actually. I am cutting off all communications with him. He sounds like he's in a drug induced, dream world.
  3. save potential victems this misery
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    who to?