liar Kerry (2)

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  1. First Lie:

    reporter: do you have an SUV?
    Kerry: duh, no, duh I dont.

    then the media shows photos of his SUV on TV and him riding in it so:

    Kerry: duh, yeah, duh i have one duh but its not mine, duh. Its my wifes, duh i just use it everyday to go places, duh, but I dont have one, duh, I just drive it around, duh, im an environmentalist, duh, that's why its green, duh, yeah, duh I dont have a duh SUV, duh thats the ticket duh.

    Second Lie:

    Kerry: duh, we nedd to duh protect manufacturing jobs, duh and buy american.
    reporter: sir, do you have a German made Audi?
    Kerry: duh, no me? of course not.

    then the media shows pics of that one so:

    Kerry: duh, yeah well, duh its my wifes, duh but i ride duh in it sometimes and duh even drive it duh around duh but Buy American! save those duh manufacturing jobs duh while I buy German duh yeah duh buy american duh thats the ticket duh.
  2. Well there I was thinking I was gonna have a hard time deciding who to vote for.... A fellow Audi owner? Perhaps I'll vote based on good taste.....
    What does/did George W drive? I mean just so that I can be fair and all......
  3. BSAM


    The war in Iraq. :-D
  4. See.... at least George has TWO excuses when HE does
    stuff like this:

    1) He is dumber than a stump
    2) He is a republican, he is supposed to drive nice wasteful SUVs :D

    But democrats are the WORST hypocrites by far. Unreal.
    They sucker the poor into voting for their RICH ASSES
    by promising to stick it to the RICH! LMAOOO :p

    I would kill to see a great candidate that was NOT
    republican OR democrat. Won't happen in my lifetime. :(


  5. BSAM


    Ross Perot? (Why?---Cause, among other reasons, he COULDN'T be bought.)
  6. I would have loved to have seen the Ross Perot "experiment"
    play out.

    We KNOW what we get with Rebs and Dems...same old shit,
    different year.

    The "cant be bought" quality of Ross alone, makes me want
    to see what could have happened :(
    Not mention.... he knows how to handle money and
    run a tight ship. Something our country really needs.

    The media destroyed the little man though.
    If you ever actually read about the guy, he seems to be
    a pretty good guy...straight shooter type. :(



  7. BSAM


    I think the fiber of most Americans has changed so much, that we'll probably never see anyone like Perot elected in the U.S. in our lifetime. So, take a pick: Bush or Kerry. Various groups have accused both of lying on things. Man, the people who founded this country must be ashamed / shaking their heads / laughing.
  8. Yes... we have transformed into a nation of zombie lemmings
    too afraid to "throw away their vote" on a NEW candidiate. :(




    What do we have for him, Bob?!?

    I would suggest that there are more than a few of us today doing a lot of that.

    Oh, and by the way, Bush drives a Ford F-250 Club Cab Dualie. Sure, it's never been driven off the Crawford Ranch, but...
  10. How about Harry Brown? I bet the Founding Father's would like that.... Man...they absolutley are all rolling in their graves right now.

    Now see, if I voted on taste in cars alone, Bush wouldn't even get a second look....
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