LGF lions gate entertainment

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by gharghur2, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. LGF produces movies/tv programs worldwide.

    Bought this stock a few weeks ago because I noticed something unusual. The insiders sold at the beginning of the year, announced a horrible quarter on 8/9 and starting buying again on 8/12 between $9.52 and $9.65.

    The stock took off around 2 PM today ... here's why:

    Insider buying and selling can occasionally tip the scales on a stock, James Cramer said on his "RealMoney" radio show.

    For example, Cramer is "itching to take action" in Lions Gate Entertainment (LGF:NYSE - news - research - Cramer's Take) because of strong fundamentals coupled with insider buying. Lions Gate insiders have recently made "concentrated open market" purchases, and such insider buying is an example of something that catches Cramer's eye and prompts him to dig deeper.
  2. Not buying any of the hype ... sold mine this morning