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  1. Has anyone purchased Borsellino's
    "Trading S&P, Nasdaq 100 & E-mini Futures with Lewis Borsellino"
    pdf course for trading eminis.
    Does he provide a real trading strategy in it, or is it the usual "get in touch with your inner self" garbage?
    It is offered at TradingMarkets.com

  2. vikana,

    Thanks for the reply. I'll will buy the real book.
    I noticed in one of your posts that you are MetaStock user.
    Is it MetaStock or MetaStockPro?
    I'm trying to build an entry system for S&P eminis and need to backtest performance of several TA indicators on intraday basis. (5 min or even 3 or 1 minute charts). Does the MetaStock has such capabilities. For example Is it possible to do something like this:

    IF the price crosses 20MA and RSI <= 30 THEN buy at Market price
    Stop Loss = entryprice - 2.5
    Target Price = entryprice + 5

    Is it possible to get: How many trades would have been triggered and what is the P/L ratio for a given time period?

  3. Michael,

    I would have responded via email, but since you don't publish your email address I'll do it here.

    Your system cannot be coded in metastock. Reasons: Metastock does not support entry and exit on programmable STOPs and LIMITs and does not provide access to the entryprice. Pretty lame for a system tester :)

    No more metastock questions in this thread.
  4. WarEagle

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    With slight modifications to the entry, your system can be coded in MS. It does allow for stops (Max Loss and Profit Target)calculated from the entry price. In order to stay on topic I PM'd you the code. Hope it helps.

  5. blueem


    I suggest you check out Borsellino's site at teachtrade.com. I have a subscription to both teachtrade.com and tradingmarkets.com and have read through his material on both. I think you may be able to get the same info for free at teachtrade.com.
  6. Kirk,

    I got your message. Thanks a lot.

    I wish I knew it before. Last night I purchased ebook and realized that it is same thing as is offered on teachtrade.com for free.