Levi Stubbs

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  1. The great lead singer of the Four Tops died a week or two back. For you younger guys a primer on important mid-60's Motown.

    Stubbs, who died Friday at age 72, was not the prototypical Motown singer of the '60s. Though the Four Tops scored 24 top 40 hits, Stubbs ran counter to the suave soul stylings of the Detroit label. Whereas other Motown singers such as Smokey Robinson, the young Marvin Gaye and the Temptations' Eddie Kendricks were lauded for their agile suppleness, their insinuating smoothness, Stubbs was all about raw emotion. Whereas Robinson, Gaye and the rest served the song, Stubbs sounded as if he was caught up in something that no mere pop arrangement could contain.


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