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  1. eest13


    Hey guys,

    Please help, I am looking for leverage. My strategy is to hold on to my positions for a couple of months and thus prop firm would not be sufficient for me (because I do not trade a lot of volume on daily basis). I'd like to get access to more leverage than regular retailer broker would offer (2x).

    I'm currently saving up my paychecks and living off the credit cards, but was wondering if there is a more efficient way to gain access to $$..

    I'd appreciate any advice.

  2. 1) If you want "real" leverage, you should trade futures.
    2) You're a "disaster in the making".
    3) Build up more savings before trading, please. :cool:
  3. Quit living off your credit cards, to start. Income should be > Expnenses. Stop spending money for four weeks, write down a
    list of all the bills you owe, then you have a grip on your expenses.
    Adjust your wants/needs to match.
  4. there are a lot of prop firms that could care less what you do with your capital or your account. They make money off you no matter what you do. Access to capital is the easiest part, making money from trading is a whole other subject.