Level of satisfaction with Economy, Security, Wars and life overall.

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Are you happy with overall direction of US

  1. No we are not

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  2. Everything is fine

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  3. I don't care, livin day to day till I drop

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  1. Uno


    Just the other day I was paying a parking ticket
    I don't let the bastards catch me but I got one the other day and it was 60 dollars downtown center. Last time I paid a parking ticket it was 30 dollars two years ago.

    Same thing in the store when buying groceries. Which got me thinking is anyone else noticing drop in standard of living.

    My Internet bill went up
    my banking fees went up some of them doubled

    Again suicide bombers killed lot of people in Iraq. And few canucks died in Afghanistan. Politicians keep saying it'll get better for long time now both dems and republicans

    Are we moving in the right direction do you think. Vote your part I already voted so minus 1 for No we are not.
  2. Uno


    oh crap can this be moved to economy Forum I screwed up sorry
  3. Dude. Turn off your tv.
  4. ElCubano


    Stop watching Nancy Grace
  5. Uno


    I watch way less TV now but how does that help with bills going up.

    Our guys dyin abroad watch almost no TV, how does that help them.
  6. Uno


    Just heard on GCN JP Moragan Chase big class action lawsuit coming for JP Morgan manipulation of silver market.

    This the kind of stuff I am talking about everywhere you look, manipulation, lies, and good guys losing it to bad guys.
  7. Uno


    Should I be shorting JP morgan when this comes out
  8. If a lawsuit hits JPM, I recommend you go long. I hope you went long after GS got hit with their lawsuit. I need somebody to take the other side of my trades, so I'd appreciate your help.
  9. Uno


    You could have just said yes short JP Morgan Chase instead of what you said :)
  10. Uno


    As I suspected according to poll most people also smell something rotten with US. Sample is still too small IMO.
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