Level III Spread Approval Question

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  1. Hi, I've been paper trading bullish/bearish butterfly spreads on the QQQ and SPY for the past year. I would like to open up a real margin account with Level III approval for spread trading.

    The broker asks "how many years have you been trading options?"

    I have no real life experience trading options, only paper trading.

    How should I answer this question?

  2. Make up a number. It's literally meaningless to the broker.
    That's something they do...just in case a dumbfduck blows up his account...and tries to sue the broker for his losses.

    When I first opened up my trading account for options....I listed 5 years of experience, even though I had more like just one year or two max.
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  3. BKR88


    The question didn't specify live or demo. You've been trading 1 year.
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  4. ajacobson


    Tell the unvarnished truth. Misrepresentation in any of your suitability filings is the first document you are going to see in an arbitration complaint.
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  5. This.

    And if you have never traded options you should proceed with extreme caution. It's more complex than just the math.
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