Level II update speed Cyber vs IB

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by in56, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. in56


    I have accounts at Cyber and IB. I opened Level II side by side and noticed that Cyber's Level II updates 1 sec faster then IB.

    Anybody else noticed this? Can I change something in my settings so IB will update faster?
  2. in56


    It's an idea...

    For now I just want to see it it's my computer and settings or is it for real that Cyber's Level II updates faster then IB's.
  3. jalinfl


    I agree, Lightspeed is the fastest trading platform in terms of execution. It's what I use.
  4. fhl


    I must say, a somewhat original way to try to get customers to switch firms.
  5. Faster than Shill Securities? I doubt it.
  6. I have both Cyber and IB. Cyber is faster and more efficient in every way when it comes to software operation and data retrieval. With IB you don't get complete and accurate data, at least with level 1. I don't think there is anything you can do on your end to solve this problem.

    However, execution wise they seem on par.
  7. Omygod! How can I get in touch with this Shill Securities. I MUST HAVE IT!
  8. 1-800-tout:D
  9. Shill is not for just anyone. For example, you must be able to demonstrate mastery of the Wizetrade system. Those who wish to use the proprietary Glacial Speed daytrade platform must also demonstrate the ability to wiretransfer at least $25,000 to Shill.

    Shill Securities. "We put the bucket in bucketshop."