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  1. I haven't yet, I will look it over in the next couple of days. I tried it for just a second the other day and I heard the dialog, so you might have problems with the sound card.
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  2. I went thru most of it. It's pretty darn good. Whoever wrote it did a pretty good job....I cannot believe its just up there for free!

    Any newbie should check it out.

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    Any info on how to get the content that was available on this site would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!

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    Thanks Hardrock!

    It was a nice try and I got excited that it might be the solution that I was looking for. But alas, I was disappointed:( . Thanks anyways.

    If anyone else has any suggestions they would be appreciated.

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    I am giving this one more shot since I am desperate. It is obvious that the link to www.datschool.com does not work because these guys are not around anymore. I am looking for any way get the information that was hosted on that site.

    The reason it is important for me is because I am bringing a couple of new traders into my group who have absolutely no prior daytrading experience and I need a good primer for them. I have literally tons of written material that I could use for this purpose but i really liked how that site was set-up to introduce beginners to reading a level II screen. The fact it was interactive and computer based was a big plus because it at least got people accustomed to sitting in front of the screen and processing information. I of course am going to be teaching these individuals to trade my group's particular strategy but I need ways to get these guys acquainted with the basics of Direct Access trading.

    Again, any help regarding the datschool site or any sites approximating it in terms of content would be greatly appreciated.

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  7. Hey X,

    If your trying to find out presentation methods of educating new traders in your trading group...

    you can design your own via Camtasia Studio by TechSmith:


    It has a 30 day free trial and I enjoy it a lot myself. Worth every penny.

    If your not looking for presentation methods...instead are looking for info about Level II...

    tons of stuff on that can be found via simple search at Google...most likely your going to have to pay for it via taking some sort'uv online class.

    I did a quick Google search myself and found 7 websites offering Level II classes...

    I won't mention any of the sites or else someone will think I'm endorsing some website or debate whether Level II is a useful trading tool or not.

    You'll just have to use Google yourself.

    Note: I don't use Level II...I'm just starting to get more serious with presenting (recording) things via realtime trading for my own personal reasons and for showing someone (trading pals) how to trade profitably...for example...via intraday Japanese Candlesticks.

    (it's time consuming and requires a decent book or two on how to give presentations)

    Camtasia Studio is great and I've a lot of other similar products out there.

    Good luck with your education of the new traders in your group...

    Word of Advice: Record your actual trading or trade signals...live-realtime during market hours while complimenting it with hindsight reading material...you'll have the basics of a decent educational platform.

    P.S. Some can trade but can't teach. Some can teach but can't trade.

    Few can teach and trade. Sounds like your able to do that. Congrats.

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    Thanks for the effort in your post.
    You make numerous valuable points and thank you for the link. Looks like some cool technology but as you have said, very few can trade and teach. This is especially true when it comes to the issue of time. Time is my foe here. I do not have the time to put together a 'training course' for my new traders.
    I would prefer not to buy someone else's training course as I intend to do most of the training hands on. The datschool site was perfect because it was the basics and it was free. That meant both time and money savings, both of which I could have instead invested in my traders.
    I will take your advice and do a search to see what I come up with for free training or maybe moderately priced resources. I am still open to suggestions from anyone.

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