Level I only

Discussion in 'Trading' started by blumartian, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. How many of you can successfully trade intraday using just best bid/ask without seeing depth? Does anyone trade just using level I, T&S, and charts?
  2. Yes, I do on NYSE stocks, Only the bidsize,bid/ask,asksize and last price and size. No streaming time and sales though! And a chart of course! On NASDAQ I need Level II though. Although most would say it's useless. I find it usefull sometimes!

  3. NYSE stocks: last trade, last trade size, bid, bid size, ask, ask size. No charts (just for selecting stocks). No Level II since it pretty much useless - algos may cancel or cancel/replace their bids/offers within milliseconds after the move started - you won't be able to spot it.