Level 3 Options Trading in a Solo 401k

Discussion in 'Options' started by dcwriter2, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. TD Ameritrade just reneged on its promise to allow this, which baffles me. Any other zero commission brokers allow this. Fidelity doesn't.
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  3. Cant do a Solo 401k at IB, I was told.
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    On Schwab, you cannot go on margins on your IRA, no level 3 (naked, short) allowed. Solo 401K is even more restricted, only level 1.

    If you are self employed, you can set up both a 401K and an IRA with Schwab. After that, I think you can roll 401K contribution into IRA to trade level 2.
  5. FYI guys, doing a level 2 with spreads attached as a rider at TDA in my Solo 401k. So far it works.
  6. What the hell is LEVEL-3 options? only been in this business for 35 years, what the hell do i know...
  7. Thought that was un-cash secured naked, etc.
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    Because you are one of them pros, not one of us mom and pop amateur retail.