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    A lot of Volume on this one seems to be tracking higher any thoughts?

    And yes I am a newbie.


    No thoughts!
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    No thoughts, except that LVLT was Cramers Top Spec Picks for 2007, and that was around $6.30. Looks like Cramer is going to have to put on the dunce hat once again. My advice to you is to take a look at the 4,999 other stocks out there. They probably are a much better investment than LVLT.


    TheStreet.com also claimed it was a rocket stock for this week.
  5. High volume = public.

    Public is dumb money. The bell curve. Satisfies the primal instinct of feeling left out. Safety in numbers,

    Meaning those that bought at 2 are selling their double. And...........re-load someday.

    Stock is in a worthwhile base. Buffett came and went with sweetheart convertibles not availiable to the public. Though domiciled in Colorado, this is an Omaha company, with strong ties to Kiewitt Construction. Ie Walter Scott.

    Having all of NYC "wired" with fiber optic will make for good story(SOME DAY). Suggest you wait until its clearly above $5 (a threshold for mousehouse marginability AND institutional acceptibility). Better yet $6 or $7 and wait and see IF it crosses $10 (another threshold of institutional acceptibilty)/

    With that base, it will indeed have its day in the sun. Just not yet.
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  6. Looking good to pick up for a trade below 3.50 if it continues to piss away. Treat like a BRLC trade?