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    I'm doing a school report on trading. Can someone explain the 4 colors used to represent the last trade that goes through???

    Dark Blue?
    Light Blue?

  2. It depends on what software you are using. I'd consult their help files or help line.
  3. I can make my trading screen colors any ones I want...
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    it took me forever, but I finally found exactly what I was looking for....

    By default the following colors apply:

    Red - trade occurred on the bid.

    Green - trade occurred on the ask.

    Light Blue - trade occurred inside the bid or ask.

    Dark blue - trade occurred outside the bid or ask.

    Pink - special condition for the quote or trade.

    White - regular text.
  6. he found it... like you were able to help in anyway shape, way or form.

  7. I would consider asking a question, in a Trading website, frequented by traders, a form of research. I am sure that you have asked other traders questions at some point in your career. :mad:
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    There have already been threads about this topic. Try searching using keywords "Boston" and "Prop"

  9. You may notice that I did not use any sarcasm in that post. I gave him specific instructions on where to search on ET, as I didn't have the answer off the top of my head, but I knew that the question had already been asked. There is a difference!

    If every question that was asked on ET was met with a sarcastic "research www.google.com", there wouldn't be much knowledge shared here.
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