Level 2 stock vs. MDTrader DOME

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by milstar, Jul 24, 2005.

  1. milstar



    Can you compare functionality of level 2 /as example
    by DATEK/ for stock against functionality of MDtrader/X-trader DOME for futures market ?

    Auhtor observation

    1. Stock Level 2 reflected more information

    By level 2 stock can see orders from each operator ,also order in one share from different ECN -Arca,Inca,Brut &

    By MDtrader is order bid esu5 1000 at 1237.50
    from one operator or cumulative orders at this price from
    all operators from one member of exchange ?

    2. Tape reading with "streamer last sale" possible by
    stock and not possible by futures .

    "streamer last sale" reflected last 20-30 sales volume/price and time
    Also by option market with optionsxpress option
    windov it is possible .

    Author would very pleased for comment