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Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by ccnet101, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. ccnet101


    Hello everyone, I am new to stock trading....Right now I am trying to come up with my own system, don't plan on actually investing for at least another 2 months...just paper trading.

    Anyway, I am looking for a way in the morning when the stock market opens to see if there is a tool out there so I can see the volume seperated by buys/sells on a particular stock? This would help me out by seeing what people out there are doing more? I know, at least I think I know, the level 2 shows this by the red and green, however its completely live and is there any way to record this info and see it in a graph form, maybe on a 2 or 5 minute mark?

    I am primarily looking for this for gap trading, are there any other tools out there that you use that might help?

    I have a Scottrade and Etrade Account, I think i am going to subscribe to stockcharts.com using the Elite with RT pricing, any suggestions? I appreciate the help from all the senior guys out there...