Letting Fraud Slide....

Discussion in 'Economics' started by libertad, May 19, 2009.

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    Without the AAA rating on CCC paper caused by monetary reward....the US, nor the rest of the world would be in the economic calamity that they are in....

    Not even a hand slap.....

    One has to wonder why ....
  2. Sad but there's a lot of fraud. At all levels of government, corporate and personal. I don't recall it ever being this bad.

    Honesty, hard work & integrity have all disappeared.

    US has become no different than the nations it's leaders used to critique and thumb their noses at.
  3. The biggest fraud is the credit rating agencys. Look back at Enron Worldcom, Lehman, AIG. They kept A-AA ratings until BK.

    Noting has ever been done about this. Its so freaking wrong.

  4. The worst part is, they are lawsuit proof. If only.....

    I think there might be some inklings of filing suits but don't know how far along this is.
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    I agree with you!

    There is one way we can stop this nonsense and take back our world. That way is through the power of "Recall Petition".

    There are two judges in Dekalb County Georgia that should be removed from the bench and sent looking for work.

    The first a senior judge, while intoxicated, admitted to accepting a bribe (he was bragging to his fellow judges while drinking lunch). The second is a state court judge that is so biased that a totally innocent person would be found guilty in her courtroom. I have personally observed the later thumb her nose @ Supreme Court decisions and allow hearsay evidence in criminal trials over ruling objections by defendant.

    Our probation department steals money through false paperwork. I have seen this and yes I have proof of everything I say. But proof means nothing in Georgia, it is the most corrupt government in the world I believe.