Letting a profitable futures day-trader trade my account: feasable?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by paul66, Apr 4, 2003.

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    I could not have said it any better!
    You are the man. BTW, I only get a 1% referral!
    Just kidding. I liked what you had to say in your chat a few weeks ago. Have a nice weekend.

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  2. paul66


    Is it possible to review Aaron's chat?
    I mean the trascripts?

    Can someone post the link?

    Thank you
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  3. http://www.elitetrader.com/ch/
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  4. Paul, if you're willing to give up 50% of the profits, there are surely several ways to achieve something like what you are seeking.

    The suggestion of an aggressive hedge fund seems a valid one. Rather than trying out individual candidates to trade your money (and possibly lose it), you could research which hedge funds have the best record, and choose the best candidate among them, based on their established record, rather than trying out individual traders to do the same job for you. The hedge funds probably will give you better than 50% of profits, and it won't be dependent merely on personal trust.

    When you consider how much a 50% cut of profits could add up to, if things do go successfully, and figure how much it might cost you to sign up with even some of the pricier trading tips services, you might be able to find at least one such service that (for a price, which you seem willing to pay) would issue trading suggestions that you could then implement in your own account, without having to worry about sharing access to your own account with anyone.
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  5. paul66


    Yes I am willing to share 50% of the profits (after commissions)

    I also hope (but this is an option, not a requirement) that the trader who is willing to assist me, can also be willing to discuss, by time and time, his intraday strategy, via mIRC or MS Messenger.

    I am aware I may ask too much, but I welcome any good-will futures-intraday trader to assist me.

    Hoping not to end up in the hands of sharks just trying to experiment new strategies with other's people money :)

    Thanks for your remark
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    Youi're looking for a profitable futures daytrader here? :D

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    paul whatever you do make sure you see an established disciplined track record. Do not believe the person unless they can show a nice very steady equity graph. Otherwise, their bad day or week could be your entire account. I have invested with futures hedge funds, had a guy trade for me and trade myself. My thougth was take my own profits and let someone else leverage them up.

    Let me just say that it is not so easy to come by. I had a hegde fund run by market wizard richard dennis he made about 100% and then he blew up. I had another professional fund that did well but with big draw downs and I had a guy lose 50% of my account the first day he traded it. Overall I came out a bit ahead but it was not easy.

    Understand drawdown underwater graphs, sharpe ratios and equity graphs before you let someone else trade your money. Also never give up custody of it unless you are really going with a big well known operation.

    good luck if you find a good one let me know.
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  8. Here's one example I just saw someone mention in another thread on here, looks like they might be offering the sort of thing you're requesting: www.striker.com.

    I never heard of them before (which means nothing, I'm no expert), but I sent them an e-mail requesting description of their various trading systems they say you can choose from.

    No time to trade? We'll trade the system for you

    Choose your system
    We place the trades
    Real-time monitoring
    Performance reports
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  9. Paul,
    Like Ditch mentionned, real profitable traders will not need your 10K to 15K$. Unless you go with some large broker house, just be careful for individuals who approach you offering their 'services'.
    I know that Refco hired traders to trade the commodities futures for their clients' money, not sure for day trading the minis

    Cheers ! :)
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  10. Pabst


    I hear where your coming from Ditch but I disagree. I've had times in my life when my swings were six figures a week but I still traded a few very small accounts for a cousin and some friends. I found I was less indulgent taking risks with other peoples money and it sharpened my own outlook. Maybe I'm a whore but I would never turn down a pct. deal as long as the person understood the risks and based on my success I could profit them and put a few extra shekels in my own pocket.
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