Letterman trashing McCain

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ZZZzzzzzzz, Sep 26, 2008.

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  2. oh my that's funny stuff :D
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  4. Wow, that was a limpwristed retort.

    As if Jesse Jackson has a thousandth the following or credibility of Letterman.
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    Wow, that was a limpwristed retort.
    As if Letterman has any credibility to begin with.
  6. Umm... no. You can't just repeat back what the other person said like it's the third grade.

    Well I don't find him funny, but his audience is significantly higher than Jesse Jackson, who does not even have his own show and his own soapbox.

    Additionally, you obviously also didn't realize that if Jesse Jackson doesn't like Obama it is a positive for Obama.
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    Too bad big Dave but the NAACP will be knocking on your door any minute.
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    Why not, you guys do it.

    Hmmm so having your own show gives credibility? So Limbaugh, O'Riley and Boortz must, by your logic, have credibility. Nice.

    You obviously didn't realize that Letterman being against McCain, is a positive for McCain.
  9. You're regressing -- "I know you are but what am I" is also not logic, nor is two wrongs making a right.

    May I ask a personal question and this isn't any insult or sarcasm, are you net profitable on your trading? I have a theory which I mentioned to Pabst where I believe that people who are more determined and absolutist a probably more profitable than those who aren't. Are you?

    Well they certainly have big audiences, and to those people they have credibility. To society at large probably not though. Credibility and audience size aren't the same thing which I why I mentioned them separately.

    Really? You're right that I didn't realize that. You believe most indepedants see Letterman as a negative?
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    2)Yes, in fact I was posting daily in the P&L thread. Until Magna decided one of my posts didn't meet with ET's world renowned (cough) "standards". Despite my post saying almost exactly the same thing another mod said days later in feedback. So I decided not to participate any longer.
    I don't recall you posting in the P&L thread. How about YOU bigdave?
    3)" Credibility and audience size aren't the same thing " Sooo where does Letterman's credibility come from again?
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