Letter to Abby Cohen: Is my timing right buying some DEC ES 1675 calls ?

Discussion in 'Options' started by ASusilovic, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. Dear Abby,

    sorry disturbing you at your office with GS strategy desk, just have some humble questions regarding your assessment that the benchmark for American equities, S&P 500, will climb to 1,675 next year, helped by interest-rate cuts and international sales.

    I mean, I read about the recession calls from your beloved collegue Jan Hatzius and our good old ex-friendly neighbourhood rate cut FED chief Alan Greenspan -both of them claiming that the U.S. economy is "already", will be, might be, shall be, ought to be in recession mode.

    So, as we are all preparing for helicopter BEN to save not only Wall Street but the world´s economy, my stupid simple question is about timing for buying these 1675 DEC 2008 calls....

    Do you think it is a good idea to enter the trade right now while everybody is almost 100 % sure we are entering recession mode and even the media guys seem to be smart ass investors and predicting "game over" for the U.S. economy ?

    Also, it seems to me a good risk / reward setup that S&P 500 has lost already 5 % this year while we are experiencing the 16th day of 2008....

    Well, Abby, looking forward to your answer and greetings to Henry, Lloyd C., Jan and David Viniar !

    Thank you very much in advance !


    Note : I ordered already my flight tickets for my trip around the world and gonna see some really exotic places while you guys are working on the target. Please don´t miss the mark - let´s say for a buffer of 2-3 %. Thanks !

    :) :D :p
  2. mokwit


    She will have to check which way GS trading desks are positioned before she can come back to you.
  3. Funny, I was thinking of ol' AJC this afternoon when the market was tanking.
  4. I could be wrong but i doubt she lurks on the site (maybe she is Stockturder!!) so I am wondering what your point is?
  5. I will come back to you Bogan7 when obtaining her answer...:)
  6. But I was asking you what your point was why would you ask her what your point was?