Letter of Forgiveness for All Recent Stupidity on My Part.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Bullz n Bearz, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. Hello everyone on Elite Trader.

    I know I have been making posts in the past that may make me come across as "dumb" or "ignorant" towards the stock markets.(Markets are a Scam post, The Truth on Trading, etc..)

    However, I am far from that. I respect the market's movements and know every day nobody can predict it. I sadly tried predicting and lossed a lot of money in the process.

    So, I'm posting today to just appologize to anyone I offended in my posts that showed me being "incompetant" towards trading.

    I have learned a lot about myself and the market's behavior and now feel I have a better head on my shoulders to try to work hand in hand with Mr. Market.

    Please, I ask for no sly or perceived sarcastic comments back. If you can, just please keep this thread productive and positive with your words.

    God bless
  2. On your previous posts: You can ALWAYS tell who the successful, profitable traders are and who the frustrated wannabes are.

    Newbies can stir up all the trouble and ruffle all the feathers they want, but in the end traders always bring home the check.