Letter from Paul Tudor Jones

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  1. Nice find, thanks for posting
  2. He's pretty open in it.
    Shares his research, and even says that he is long India's Nifty, emerging markets consumer stocks, gold, copper, grains and US 10y notes.
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    Well, duh. Once you have a position, you need other people taking the same position for the price to move your way....

    I bet he doesn't talk about what he WILL do next....
  4. FWIW, he mentioned that those positions would be held into 2011. Anyways interesting read imo.
  5. ban chinese imports... or tariffs on chinese goods, increase domestic inflation, cost of goods... domestic income cant pay for domestic goods.. majority of population cant meet daily purchasing needs, massive unemployment...massive poverty...rebellion.. political reform...even worse war!! default on chinese debt...

    we are living off the backs of third world sweat n blood... unless americans choose to produce widgits using the same lifestyle as the third world, structural issues will continue...

    robotics will take away manufacturing shifts from third world back to USA, whos going to produce the bots?... Japan.. USA better catch up..
    Major revolution in robotics needs to be invested heavily by domestic IT companies otherwise we will loose opportunity..

    how many inconsequential jobs are there .. that can be replaced by bots?...when u remove the laborers wot will the laborers do? Everything is energy driven, use the military to safeguard energy interests.. unless fusion takes off...

    if fusion takes off then paradise on earth...
  6. As much respect for the guy I have, the article is well-intentioned (but not as good as Jeremy Grantham's recent "Night of the living fed"), but he doesn't seem to acknowledge the zero sum nature of Markets. Sure economies grow, and the Chinese may succeed in revaluing and inflating their economy successfully, but the Markets themselves are subject to zero-sum price action.

    It mentions correlation in a discretionary, passive way, as if suggesting that money could be made relatively easily in this case. The correlation is close to contagion and has the potential to unwind chaotically.
  7. He is going up against Jim rogers by buying India. Jim said India might break up and collapse. India itself is a Colonial British made-up entity and 40% of rural india is controlled by Naxalite communists. Those are the REAL commies.
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    India of 1950s and 1960s was some sort of British colony in the stagnation of socialism and abject poverty. India of today is free enterprise leaning regional power with sensible ambitions.

    In true sense, the standards of living in India are still way below to those of the west and thus there is a lot of ground to be gained in the economic growth terms. :D :cool:
  9. This is what a Buddhist monk says about India,"must have different concepts and expectations."
    Rumor Has It... A Note From Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

    Within each member of the first world's heart there is a George Bush, Hu Jintao, or a Tony Blair. What I'm saying is that they come from their first world countries to a developing nation and expecting that everything should be exactly how it is at home.

    Here in India, worlds like "delay", "cancellation", "confirmation", "cleanliness", "no problem," "yes" and "no" all have different meanings. And in fact, if you learn how to appreciate those different definitions, you will find that this is what makes this part of the world magical.

    So, people who are wishing to come from the first world expecting their toilet will flush, and a hot shower, who are married to the whole principal of no trespassing, who value individual rights and personal space, might as well just look at pictures, preferably black and white and especially taken by Cartier Bresson and Raghu Rai.
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