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  1. SL4CEO


    Well I am up so late trading FX.......
    Programming of SL4 is headed up by esteemed colleague who is a "rocket-scientist" in terms of his brilliance in applying extremely sophisticated principles of multi-dimensional surveillance subroutines and applying them to high-speed data flow interrogation......As far as under what auspices and environments where these equation solutions derived....I will first direct you to the www.statistica.com site and the Numerical Algorithm Group product suite.........
    The equations are not weighted.....anyway not in the sense that has ever been discussed or disclosed by any technical subroutine program......
    In fact SPECTRE LEVEL IV is not a technical analysis package....it is rather an almost military grade intelligence gathering and disclosure program that provides its information at a level of confidence and knowledge efficiency emulating that of its intended targets and opponents.....the market-makers.......
    I will be pleased to go further in-depth on his subject......
    As for a live demo.......no proble.....simply email mauro@sl4trader.com copy him on this email and you will be provided not only access but the courtesy and respect of a direct on-phone live debriefing which should astound you....
    Please ask more questions, I enjoy ansering them........
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  2. SL4CEO


    What about markets such as index futures? Does SL4 try to tie index futures movement back to MM behavior

    SL4 achieves its correlational behavior matrix through reconfirmation via exposure, comparison, reconfirmation of market maker determinations within highly staistically sensitive and intercorrelated surveillance of "mathematically related" issues traded by the same mm symbol trading floor referenced and time stamped every second.......
    Translation>>>If I am the head market maker at a particular major influence market-maker in a particular stock at that moment
    SL4 has dtermined that that MM is about to elevate the stock price by x amount within x minutes......
    SL4 has reviewed the most highly sensitive issues that would directly correlate within that scenario
    are also made a market in by that same firm
    it will conduct a hunt-and-seek scenario analysis to ascertain
    the other market makers
    the same firm
    also made that same determination within a specific time horixon
    in order to

    I will provide links onto one of our sites which will really provide information overload on this subject tomorrow.......
    All the best..............

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  3. dkamp

    dkamp Guest

    Are you using SL4 at this moment to trade FX? Or some part of your overall system that us retail traders will never see? Is the emphasis on MMs just a part of a larger picture of what SL4 is all about? Do you plan on making more of the larger system available in the future? Is the emphasis on stock trading just the beginning? (BTW, your statistica link doesn't work for me.)

    Does your reference to "market maker" mean something broader than the Nasdaq market makers? In other words, are you also tracking the activities of specialists, firms trading futures, etc.? Is that why SL4 will have a wider impact than on just trading Naz stocks? Thanks again.

    (Sorry if some of this is on your site. I went up there and printed out a lot of info last week which I should go back and look at again.)
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  4. SL4CEO


    Does the user have to interpret and test their validity? (SL4 signals)

    No in fact every signal SL4 targeting solution signal must move in the predetermined direction within no>3minutes in order to be deemed valid.........
    Furthermore, while the move is intact the signals must be kept signalling the continuation of move until its expiration.....
    The best way, to actually see this in action is to reqlly request a free demo fro mauro@sl4trader.com
    Additionally, the SL4 tactical environment has an audio trader environment which literally rips through hundreds of opprtunities which are disclosed on the screen and verbally alerts you to them.
    It is considerably visual and impactive, for example, to see the market about to make a dramatic rise or decline and to hear the computer disclose dozens of short opportunities on the screen while the screen alerts go to aflush red color suddenly for greater visual and perceptive cognisance.........
    Any questions regarding such subjects as trader information superiority, tactical strategy scenarios, specific market maker tactics, or mm trap strategies?
    Good Evening for now...........:)
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  5. dkamp

    dkamp Guest

    Aha! I was wondering about this. Namely whether the previous report of 80+ signals per day was including reconfirming signals (in which case we could be talking about 100s of signals per day). Yes, time to try the demo...
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  6. SL4CEO


    Are you using SL4 at this moment to trade FX

    No, respectfully, I am not utilizing SL4 to trade FX.....not the SL4 at least that is available currently to the retail public......

    SL4 is a 400 level system......1 being the lowest level intelligence.....400 being the highest........
    I selected Level 7 of SPECTRE LEVEL IV to provide to the retail public......
    My feelings were that I still, honestly, wished to reatin a decisive advantage for myself personally and also offer thsi technology to a select group of extremely wealthy and private traders in other parts of the world........
    By the way, I am not in the Far East......I am on the "Gold Coast" of Long Island, New York......whereas my colleague xcwboy (he really is a xcowboy, and a Phd Economist and a former top hedge fund manager and a pioneer in the direct access industry) resides at the top of a penthouse in Manhattan.......
    Head of the programming team is stationed within a pennthouse on CPW (Central Park West) and on and on and on.....

    These are really great guys to get to know and true visionaries in this field..........

    I will try to supply you with specific links, contact info, demo access, and even more insight into market maker behavior logic subroutines reflective of your questions.......
    Take care for now>>>>>>>>>>>>:)
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  7. dkamp

    dkamp Guest

    Thanks SL4CEO. If you get bashed by others up here, just keep your cool and do what you can to answer serious questions. The great majority of ET members want to hear what you have to say, and those with something to offer always win out in the end (witness IB's success, related to Def's contributions). Especially if you can provide access to technology that is currently out of the reach of ordinary traders.
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  8. dkamp

    dkamp Guest

    How does your work compare to that of The Prediction Company, as descibed in the book "The Predictors"?
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  9. rockhound


    SL4CEO - After reviewing this thread and your site, I think your app looks like it's worth a try. The only BD you seem to have a working relationship is LetsGoTrade. Why have you chosen them?
    #89     Dec 19, 2001
  10. SL4CEO,

    Thanks for your posts and I welcome the change in attitude. So far we know that SL4 is incredibly complex and uses some form of AI to monitor MM action. I asked this question a while ago and I'll repeat it: How do you know what a MM has on his book, so that you can say he is long, short etc? Obviously you can cumulate his buying or selling but you have no way of knowing if it's for his account, for a customer, offsetting a short, part of a hedge, how big a customer order he is working might be, etc.

    Also, what would be the typical holding period and profit expectation for a trade? Does the s/w signal exits or is trade management up to the user?

    Thanks for your time, and congratulations on what appears to be a breakthrough product and a very helpful website.
    #90     Dec 19, 2001
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