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  1. There is approximately $5 billion being traded on SL4, and over $138 million was produced in the last twelve months utilizing its investment mode...SL4's research on its algorithms alone cost well into the 8 digits....

    Of course it did. And how much are you spending on marketing?

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  2. xcowboy


    Good morning Simba,

    Pricing is up to the broker dealer as they will typically have an average trade...average customer...for instance if the average is 400 shares and their clearing costs .001, then they can price lower than 1 cents and make a profit...This is where we start...you can see the rest...I think that the scalping rate range this year will have to be in the 1/2 to 1 cent range as more consolidation takes place...:)
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  3. xcowboy


    Good morning VooDoo,

    We do not plan to spend $ on marketing because that cost would eventually end up in the commissions which we do not want to happen...Its just like a restaurant with really good food...traders are smart and fast on the internet and they will come to the best product...:)
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  4. Its just like a restaurant with really good food

    I'll have some fried Spam, with some Spam on the side and a Spam salad. Something to drink...maybe a Spam slurpee.

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  5. Phoenix1,

    I use RealTick for daytrading. I suppose you are trying to be sarcastic but the reason I am spending time here is that this looks like it might be a good product and they appear to use ideas regarding MM action that I already use. But xcowboys take it or leave it attitude has turned me off bigtime. I don't see how a vendor can expect to come on here, tout their product as the greatest thing since the invention of direct access, but bristle at explaining the simplest aspects of it beyond how to send money to them. So try it out and please let us know how much money you would have made.

    I'm not knocking the product, only their approach to marketing it. The website is very cool and has lots of good training material for free.
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  6. mjt


    I compared QCharts level 2 vs. SL4's level 2, and they are pretty much in sync (ISLD is actually faster sometimes on SL4, go figure) so any delay is probably from the QCharts feed.

    However, it is generally taking 2-3 seconds from loading a stock into level 2 until you get data, with no delay at QCharts.
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  7. Phoenix1


    AAA -- how do you like using RealTick? What kind of pricing model are you using it with now? They really should fix the issue with all the ecn book data slowing down the interface. Of course, you can just NOT show it. But it seems like it should be a no-brainer for a company of their size and capabilities to program it in a way that would make it show smoothly even if trading volume kicks up a bit. Oh well.
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  8. Pheonix,

    RT is not perfect, only better than any alternative I have seen. You are right, hung ecn quotes are a big nuisance when things are hopping. I use a random entry, random exit strategy with no money management and minimal discipline...at least it seems that way at times.LOL.
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  9. jeffm


    SL4 may or may not be of value to any particular trader. I've made no judgement on that for myself yet. But what I've read so far on this thread smells like good'ol spam.

    In this corner, we have xcowboy, with his stream-of-conciousness posts and lack of message formatting.

    In the other corner, Phoenix1, who has been a member of this site for almost two years, but has managed to post only 12 times. And over half of those posts are on this thread. I guess Phoenix1 just got real excited about SL4, since he has become the "authentic trader" to back up xcowboy's vendor hype.

    Phoenix has been here 2 years, yet he gets upset about "What a Negative Atmosphere in Here?!" You'd think someone with 2 years experience would be able to smell huckster vendors a mile away.

    But then, I suspect x and P are working together anyway, in the time-honored snakeoil salesman/crowd plant relationship. If they aren't the same person in the first place...

    From Phoenix1:
    big difference in price -- especially next to QCharts

    From xcowboy:
    RealTick's order entry could not be used -- but who would want to use it anyway

    Perhaps the " -- " notation is more common than I realize. You would think that multiple identity posters would at least change up their writing style for their various identities.

    Maybe I've become too jaded about this industry, but something here doesn't sit right with me.
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  10. mjt


    I'm not even going to attempt to evaluate the signals the software gives. At the end of the day I counted about 80 signals for YHOO alone (the signals are all entries; no exit signals are given.) How would you even begin to track the potential profitability of this software, even if the entry signal was the only criteria necessary for an entry?
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