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  1. mjt, please don't delete this thread. many of us are interested in this new tool, and this is interesting commentary. very interesting.

    also, post your experience with the SL4 here.
    #11     Dec 14, 2001
  2. "SPECTRE LEVEL IV is the mathematical, scientific, statistical,
    probability, and neuro-analytical profiling surveillance of the
    market's most prominent, pervasive, decisive and evasive forces.
    Information assurance, information superiority and live
    intelligence debriefing revealing the most confirmed and
    corroborative outcome coincident with the decloaking and
    disclosure of virtually all unannounced opportunities for profit

    WHOA...count me in...:)
    #12     Dec 14, 2001
  3. xcowboy


    Any stock can be executed on SL4 even if the stock isn't in the logic system of SL4...
    #13     Dec 14, 2001
  4. aldrums


    What a bunch of crap...don't be a fool. It is impossible to know the minds of all market participants at a specific moment in time, and to think a piece of software can quantify and "reveal" what they are going to do next is ridiculous.
    #14     Dec 14, 2001
  5. xcowboy


    SL4 focuses on marketmaker data rather than technical analysis...Every day SL4 produces a mechanically derived audit trail whose times are noted to the fraction of a second...SL4 is put in the position of proving itself live everyday...Its methods should be judged by its performance...There is approximately $5 billion being traded on SL4, and over $138 million was produced in the last twelve months utilizing its investment mode...The top 7 levels have been made available to the public, whereas there are a total of 400 levels...SL4's research on its algorithms alone cost well into the 8 digits....

    There are only a few direct access pipelines and are moreless lookalikes..Everyone is respectfully invited to place any direct access platform of their choice and compare their features. SL4 information is particularly important to those who have interest in the short term movements of stocks...

    To have negative commentary without actual review obviously comes from a biased and most likely competitive source..:)
    #15     Dec 14, 2001
  6. dkamp

    dkamp Guest

    "SL4 will also be covering the Forex, Single stock futures, and Eminis"

    Okay, so when will support be ready for E-Minis, and how could you guys spend multi-years developing a trading system that did not have support for E-Minis (given their obvious spread, fee, and execution advantages - not to mention the importance of index futures to the world of stock trading)? I've reviewed the online info, but it looked heavy on the Level II MM stuff which I wouldn't personally touch with a ten foot poll (unless SL4 comes with a time machine that could return my brain to its former speed and nimbleness at age 16 or so :)). Why will SL4 also be great for trading index futures?
    #16     Dec 14, 2001
  7. xcowboy


    Hi Dcamp...

    Again..the proof can only be demonstrated real time...we will have to march to the music real time..no where to run or hide...of course the prior work was done on Nasdaq...but the work we are doing on Eminis & QQQ's looks promising...we are also excited about single stock futures...we'll keep you posted on the timing of release...

    Traders don't really care how much somebody else makes , how smart they are, or how much money things cost...they just want, need, and deserve results for themselves...

    Its easy to stump your your toe or make a fool of yourself when you have to prove yourself all the time...real time...we'll take that bet over anybody else...and do the best we can for our players..

    Thanks for the questions...:)
    #17     Dec 14, 2001
  8. aldrums


    Originally posted by xcowboy
    To have negative commentary without actual review obviously comes from a biased and most likely competitive source..


    I don't know who you are, and you do not talk like a trader. You never addressed mjt's concerns regarding a 2 second quote delay. In addition, any company that would put a 5 second execution delay on an Island marketable order in a simulator must not have programmers with much trading experience. The rest of your response to mjt sounded like something you copied and pasted from one of your advertisements. Many of your sentences are constructed of almost incomprehensible technobabble. So you focus on marketmaker data...What about ECN data? Or do you know the difference? What does "over $138 million was produced in the last twelve months utilizing its investment mode..." mean? Produced by who? In wins or losses? Or is this a total of wins and losses? This statement seems deliberately vague and misleading.
    Why don't you get some trading experience and come back in six months and try this again? I am a private trader and have no interest in any company whatsoever. If you are promoting a legitimate company, you should post under your real name or a least provide contact information in your posts.

    Good luck,

    #18     Dec 15, 2001
  9. xcowboy


    Good morning Aldrums...

    Anyone can contact me at wallstreetdaytraders@rcn.com and would welcome your questions...

    As for your answers of course everyone has the right to be negative or positive or doubting or whatever...I do not understand your negativity...

    In answering your questions however...SL4 is compatible with ESignal...Real Tick..Hyperfeed....and Qcharts..soon to come At-Attitude...and S7P Comstock...SL4 is datafeed neutral and brokerdealer neutral and is just now being released...the timing difference would have to relate to the datafeed being utilized and is not subject to SL4..

    In terms of my experience, I have been trading since 1977 and it is my senior partner who generated $138 million in investment mode meaning that he does not use SL4 for scalping...he takes positions of 500,000 shares on average and gives up to the major market making firms..Investment mode would mean position trading whose position..He does not trade electronically..
    His positions may last from 15 minutes to 3 months...

    In terms of scalping...I feel that there are a lot of traders who have $25-$100k who are trying to earn $50-$400k...for most traders, I feel that scalping is easier to learn...

    You are invited to come to New York and visit with us and explore the technology...send me an email and we'll set this up...

    #19     Dec 15, 2001
  10. xcowboy


    Regarding the other asset classes eminis etc..the issue has to do working with firms that execute and clear those types of trades..we are in the process of creating those alliances at this time...as is for the forex...however SL4 does already follow and process this type of data...:)
    #20     Dec 15, 2001
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