Lets Vote on resetting FED debt to zero

Discussion in 'Trading' started by cold, Mar 18, 2008.

resetting FED debt to zero

  1. YES

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  2. No

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  3. oh no, can't do it, cause FED would be angry

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  4. oh no, can't do it, cause FED text book says we can't

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  1. cold


    well we can't reset bond debt, people and foreigners buying bonds etc

    but debt created by FED printing money and LOANING it to banks

    screw that debt, lets get it to freakin zero with few phone calls :D
  2. cold


    it will be interesting to see how many times this thread is seen before it dies

    I suspect majority of people have no idea that FED even does such things like print out of thin air and loaning it

    I've said it again and again, US public education system really is no good
  3. :confused:

    Hi Cold. Welcome to our planet. Where is it you come from?
  4. mrsnap


  5. cold


    yes I did see the video, its all true in IMO
  6. cold


    Hey there from your last name I think I am from the same place you are

    just one difference, my peers taught me critical thinking

    I see you became MOD, well that tells me what you know about trading :cool:
  7. mrsnap


    Does your belief in that theory affect your method of trading?
  8. cold


    not at all, I love america


    America (capital a)
  9. mrsnap


    What does loving America have to do with the question I asked? o_O
  10. cold


    before I will even continue talking to you

    please FIRST prove to me how this thread is about theory
    #10     Mar 18, 2008