Let's try this again...

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  1. Yesterday I posted a thread and got a whole bunch of back-and-forth answers to questions that I wasn't asking let's try this again.

    I have trading signals and I have a whole trading seminar that I would like to teach people, so what's the best away for me to profit off that?

    I can teach the course for free for two weeks and then I'm thinking at some point, charge them but for what?

    I can't be like ok you liked it? now pay me $2,000.

    Any douche answers can stay out...real answers are appreciated.
  2. Give it a shot - it could work.
  3. lol who the hell would pay?
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    I'm probably one of those douche answers but I think you should generate a track record and then sell the track record as a reason people should pay for your course or give you money to manage in the same way.
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    Ask for a guarantee in case... well...they abuse desks and chairs during the seminar, and destroy everything in the room while they are grabbing a sandwich. Make sure you look surprised when you come back and tell them you will have to use their checks.
  6. What do you guys think of giving 2 days free then say if you like what you've seen and want the rest of the 2 week course I need $2,300. If after 2 weeks you aren't satisfied, i'll return $1300?
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    Good idea. But still in the end destroy everything in the room. It's fun.
  8. Sounds like you are trying really hard to solve a problem that doesn't exist.

  9. how so?
  10. (1) You are not exactly equipped to teach anyone 'trading'.
    (2) The retail seminar industry isn't exactly huge.
    (3) The retail seminar industry doesn't have a fundamental problem with the way it presents its costs to the end buyers, which is a problem you are trying to solve.

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