lets try part 3, seeking $150 desk fee Prop firm

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by gpstrade, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. gpstrade


    I am seeking Prop firms with desk fee of $150 month or less
    I do no care about the split I am not licensed
    Please PM me or post for all.
  2. you can get your costs down below 150 with almost any firm if you get rid of the some of the data. AMEX, ARCA, NYSE, NASDAQ alone over $100. On top of that, the software manufacturer charges for the platform.

    web-based platforms are generally the least expensive because the data is shared. You save $$ but you don't get the same reliability because you aren't directly subscribed to the data feeds. You can get DAS Web from suretrader for $70/month or TurboTick Web from TM Global Capital for probably the same price.
  3. I think he's talking about bucket shops that charge a fee on top of all the regular stuff.

    He wants to pay $150 or less per month for the pleasure of them bending him over via commissions & split.
  4. nobody charges a fee for occupying space as far as I know. At least not in NYC; however, everyone charges for software & data. It's generally around 250-300 for a good platform and good exchange data like nyse, nasdaq, amex, arca, bats etc..
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    Some firms may offer proprietary s/w at n/c. For example, last time I checked, Hold was charging for Sterling, but also offering its own Graybox s/w for no charge. (Either way, still have to pay for data, of course.)
  6. wow, again? really?
    do some research/homework ... or maybe you should try google and contacting prop firms yourself
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    It's called a telephone, i.e., cell phone. Start dialing and actually having human to human conversations. What's wrong with you?!?! Cristo!:eek:
  8. Most of the bucket shops I know in NYC all charge guys a desk fee - to be 100% clear that's a monthly fee for the pleasure of sitting in their office which is in addition to data and platform fees (and commissions/splits, etc.).