Lets trade these baby's

Discussion in 'Trading' started by wwatson1, Jul 6, 2003.

  1. I am testing out a new idea this week.

    I am going to get out the big gainers & looser's (list on thelion.com) 5min before the open

    eliminate the stocks with volume < 1,000,000.

    I want to see how they move on the open. If there is plenty of action my favorite momentum indicator could get me in the game!!

    Is anyone else looking at heavily traded pre market gainers & looser's.

    Lets do this!

    GO GO GO.....Lets GO


  2. So what's your basic assumption? Is that the big pre-open volume stocks will continue through the day in the same direction? Or what?

  3. I am looking for strong momentum.

    A few of the systems I use that trade both the long and short side of the market work well as long as there is strong movement in ether direction.

    If the underlying is trading sideways and choppy my systems don't work.

    See what I mean?

    I don't care which way it goes as long as it goes somewhere!
  4. the stocks under $5 or $2 or $1 ???

    or are you looking to make a $$$ in penny names ?:p
  5. Want to work on it with me TMTrader?

    I use metastock 8 and e-signal realtime and have a couple of mechanical systems that work well when there is strong movement.
  6. don't care about price, as long as it is liquid.
  7. zxcv1fu


  8. nice one zxcv1fu, there are a load's of site's for these pre-market action stock's but I find thelion.com gives a nice simple list.
  9. I don't do much stocks, mostly futures and in some cases options.... Let me know how it works for you....

    Have you done any kind of backtesting or you just came up with this idea?
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