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  1. Ok, no more bullshit, I am ready to start trading. Since my sicktrader name and all previous threads under that name have been nixed by the mod’s here, I will summarize what this thread will be about.

    First and foremost, I have decided to make two simple rules for this thread.

    1. PLEASE STAY OUT if you want to continue losing.
    2. PLEASE STAY OUT if you are disgusted by vulgar language and obscene smilies.

    OK then, since the naysayers thought that I couldn’t accomplish my last proposal, thought that I would make the demonstration a bit tougher, at least in their eyes. Instead of 17x my bankroll in 60 days, I’ll go with 20x my bankroll in 65 days.

    Second, this whole thing started because after viewing ET for the first time just a few days ago, I see many misguided young people considering the ES and I would like to help them out. You don’t need 10K, or 20K, or 100K to start, that is complete nonsense in my opinion. $1,000 is all you need to start on a journey that will ultimately get you anything that you want. Get real you say? Well, I will start my demonstration with less than that, a measly $700.

    Fact is, there is a more lucrative money management approach than most of you are using. What you will see unfold over the next two months will be just that, a demonstration in proper money management. While I use those same money management techniques in real life, I don’t perpetually increase my bankroll like you will see here. In real life I withdrawal my cash each time I double my bankroll, which usually falls between once or twice a month. You can’t pay the bills with money in your trading account, it needs to be in your pocket, and this demonstration will show you a consistent way of doing such.

    In regard to my actual trading system, entry’s, target’s, exit’s, it really doesn’t matter. Seriously, it doesn’t. In fact, I would guess that many of you have systems that are far better than mine in terms of winning percentage, but what you lack is proper money management. The type of systems that I look for are those that have 50% or greater win rate, and it needs to be marginally profitable at that rate. There are many systems that fit this criteria, just look around if you don’t have one.

    Since many have been curious about what system that I use, here is the generic overview. I add one contract every $715. I have 3 point targets and two point stops. Win I win I increase my bankroll anywhere from about 12%-18%, and my losers are kept from about 6%-10%. Those are rough numbers, but you get the point. I have winning streaks, losing streaks, and periods where I just tread water and alternating wins and losses. In two of those situations I am making money, and increasing my bankroll fast. I usually get in about 15-20 trades each week, would love to get more but I haven’t found the system yet that will let me do it.

    I have never read books or articles regarding trading, everything that I have learned was ultimately as a result of learning how to survive as a professional gambler. Speaking of which, through my gambling endeavors, I noticed that there are a group of people who lose on a consistent basis, and yet never have an open mind regarding new techniques. Quite confusing actually. They lose, lose some more, and bash people who say they are successful because they don’t believe that it can be a winning game yet they continue to play and lose. I truly believe that they enjoying losing, why else would they do it? Well, over the past few days I have found that the same personality disorder exists within the trading community. Understanding that these type of people need to repeatedly have their heads bashed in until the day that they see the light, if that ever does occur, I will be completely transparent in this demonstration.

    I have received a number of suggestions from a few posters here on how to be truly transparent, and I thank you. First off, I have opened a new account in the event I need to show anyone the actual statements. Second, it seems that I can’t actually post my trades “live” here because there is a few minute delay, leaving too much room for the doubters. I looked at things like webex, gotomeeting and such, but they won’t work with this demonstration. Some have a limited number of participants, but most importantly the info can’t be saved. So, what I will do is take a live “video screen capture”, and I have decided to use a product called Jing ( hhttp://www.jingproject.com/) . I will record the moments before a trade through the actual entry, and then a new video showing my exit, including my trading pad with the amount won or lost. The exit won’t be that critical at the start since at all times, except at 10:00am, I have 3 point targets and 2 point stops. It may become more important later on, with a lot of contracts, when there will be a chance for slippage. I will post the clips inside this thread, allowing anyone who wants to view them without downloading anything.

    To those people who may claim I want to sell something, not true at all. I think that people who suggest such are not “giving” people themselves, and believe everyone has a selfish motive for whatever good deed is done. Again, another personality disorder just like those people who bash a winning system while they keep on losing.

    I would like to keep this thread a bit more positive than the one that got closed last night. I don’t mind criticism at all, I am a big boy and can take whatever you want to throw. I will not give out personal info, and I will not play forumville jeopardy as suggested in the last thread to prove my honesty. If you don’t like what I will be demonstrating, I would rather you just leave, if not, be prepared for a left hook right back at you. Also, on that note, if you are easily disgusted by occasional obscenity and urinating monkeys, then depending on how things go, this may not be the thread for you. Please don’t tell me you are disgusted because you have been warned at the get go.

    If something happens and I get banned again, I won’t be back. I joined T2W, and while I probably won’t post there you can contact me via pm if needed.

    So then, funds are wired, and my account will be ready at some point today. I have been told that it may not be ready to trade until the afternoon, and if that is the case you probably won’t see a trade until tomorrow.

    Ok, so the recap:

    1. I will increase my account by 20X with 65 days from placing the first trade.
    2. If I start off with three losers, I will have to post up a few hundred more. Will only lose one trading day, if that, so I would still expect to hit my target.
    3. I will provide live screen videos of each entry and exit.
    4. I will start on Thursday, unless funds are available to trade within the next few hours..
    5. I will not respond to any bashing that is done prior to my first trade. After I start, however, I will respond.

    That should do it. Later.
  2. I would reconsider posting the moronic emoticons if you're correct in assuming it results in getting banned. You think?

    Post your daily run from Global Futures and edit-out your account number. It will have Globex time-stamps. Posting a fill here in real-time is BS. People have been known to witness a 2-point move in futures and then post hindsight fills a minute or two later.

    The time-stamps on ET are five minutes slow. It is now 10:34am Eastern.
  3. Thanks, good idea. Will do.
  4. Good hunting and don't feed the trolls!
  5. AyeYo


    Good luck man. Ignore the haters.
  6. Just to clarify, on each trade, you either have a 3 point profit or a 2 point loss, correct?
  7. Yes, only exception are for trades placed between 10:00am - 10:05am, then I have a 2.5 point loss.
  8. JohnBob


    I third the motion. Please.
  9. Proceed sickster and good trading...
  10. This is your third (currently) non-banned thread. Are you trying to keep ahead of the mods?
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