Lets Think Possitive

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stocktrader2007, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Market will be green.. (in My dream)
  2. sooooo


    your strategy is .........like........HOPE

    how old are you ?
  3. Stocktrader - why do you hate yourself so much. If the market is going down - short. Why fight yourself? You want something out of your control. What is the purpose of that?
  4. some people have this feeling that they deserve punishment

    I am Jesus user wrote some pretty good stuff regarding people who live with feelings of guilt just for being born

    Stock trader we love you, we want you to live and be here with us

    you are the light, you don't need to feel bad

    shed your guilt and join us

    join us in the new NEO CON movement

    Buuhahahaha :D :p
  5. dtan1e


    making money has nothing to do /w thinking +ve or -ve, it has to do /w whether u have a viable technique, my 2cts
  6. what would u do ur technique fails always ? U see ur money in terrible loss and u dont have enough guts to sell off
  7. one more thing.. its a learning curve..

    will be doing better than what i do now and will try to be a better trader!! Its a beginning of a loong run

    I havent seen how the bear would be..
  8. What an eye opener. You just said "what would you do" but cant see the answer in your statement.

    WAKE UP..WILL YOU PAL - which is what Gekko said to Sheen in Wall Street. "u dont have enough guts to sell off " - you said it yourself. Spend 99% of your time growing emotionally, and 1% on trading. what you just said has nothing to do with technique - it is emotional understanding.
  9. After this one.. I made the right moves.. UP more than 50%...