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Discussion in 'Politics' started by stonedinvestor, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. Lets be honest Hillary looked damn good last night. She fixed that hair finally and the make up was spot on. Finally she looked youngish. Obama looked for her to take all the hard questions. I'm regretting the fact I let my wife force me into voting for him in the NY primary... is there any beef there? Does it matter? He can grow on the job, they all do. He can ask Colin Powell to serve as VP, then we will really have a soulful not so whitehouse. I'm all for change because of course I hate change. It's something a procrastinator is always forced into doing; it's different anyway, or is it? It's tough to tell, am I better off now than I was four years ago?.... a little bit but not so much so that I'm going to mix up the applecart and start raising taxes everywhere.. Taxes are too damn high already and so how can one be a Democrat and still catch a break?

    You can if you are in the right demographic. I am not. Even so, who wants to be on the side of corporate greed, reckless budgets, & old White men and the religious right? My back is seizing up just thinking about it. Which candidate is going to give me the money to retire to the Caribbean? None. How much pain will I feel with any give back to the middle class? Not much. Where I sit is just above any level that would catch a break; we don't make out well when the fat cats rig the system, we are not large enough or tricky enough to use off shore accounts for example or employ large scale tax avoidance schemes. No we pay every cent of tax and get nailed with the AMT to boot. It's a fight lads, day after day, just to stay in a state of semi retirement. And the government does not help. In certain areas it can and always has been able to help: large scale rescues and retirement health care and wars...

    It's hard to do nothing. And Obama knows that, Still he seems to have done it pretty well through his rise in the Senate. That picture of him in the African outfit, when I heard about it I was imagining a standard bright kilty thing but man that was some butcher number he had on; he looked like a madman!!! Last night he looked pretty weak and still held his own. Hillary is flailing, but she nailed it with that why am I always first bit it- that comment highlighted a lingering feeling I've been having that everyone is treating Mr. Obama with kid gloves. Russia will not. I hope Hillary gets it back together and makes this real close and then they combine into a dream ticket. Oh baby together they would smoke the Republicans in a landslide sort of way...

    I still don't know which one individually I want to win- the one that plays basketball and has a kind of scary first lady of a wife or the one that will out wrestle you and has a kind of scary first lady of a husband... and then there's old McCain he is in a tough spot... a country ready for change and there stands old man river, veins popping out of his translucent skin. The bets are on as to the age of his VP pick... 36.His wife is super scary, like an frozen android... yet she probably deep down has the most depth.

    Every time I think I like Obama, he scares me. Every time I'm sick and tired and fed up with Hillary, I remember she's a battler and smart, kind of like a Thatcher... and I for one think this country would benefit a lot more from a first women president than the first Black in a long line of male presidents... ~stoney
  2. Every time I think I like Obama, he scares me.

    I hope he has the same effect on the rest of the world leaders. Frankly, I hope he is elected. Let's get the black president issue over and done with. Quite a mess he will inherit, I'd rather let my kids play in a messy basement than start with a clean room and have them mess it up.

    I don't imagine he has much political capital, so we may have an even playing field oth Congress may ride roughshod all over him.

    Clinton carries too much baggage, McCain, more of the status quo. I'm not afraid of the Obama unknowns.