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    I don't have a favorite drummer per se but rather songs that I think the drums stand out. Actually this is stuff that's always been with me. Just a few otherwise the list would be too long.

    Mark Brezezicki - the whole damn Love album by the Cult but especially on the track "Love". Fine guitar playing by Billy Duffy also. IMHO, Billy's best work. The production on this album is superb. Lot's of nuances... which unfortunately doesn't convey well live.

    Michael B - The whole damn Diamonds and Pearls album by Prince & NPG

    Whipper Layton - Track #5 "Testify" from Texas Flood (SRV)

    Kennwood Dennard - "Little Wing" cover on Sting's Nothing Like The Sun album...brings tears to my eyes, lol. Another track where the production makes the track as much as the music.

    Steve Gadd - "Asia" the track, by Steely Dan

    Nicko McBrain - "Two Minutes to Midnight" by Iron Maiden

    Will Calhoun - "Cult of Personality" and ... screw it, the whole damn album. Vivid by Living Color. This guy is a monster behind the set.

    Goes without saying: Bonzo, Peart, etc.

    Almost forgot Tommy Lee. His simple, funky beats pretty much guarantees Motley would not be where they are today without him. Even though he does need to grow up. The track "Wild Side" fom Girls, Girls, Girls, shows what I mean.

    So many more...
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    Hmmm, only guitarists out there? C'mon, I commented on your thread! Goddamn prima donnas. hehe
  3. Neil Peart.

    Neil Peart.

    Neil Peart.

    Stuart Copeland, too.
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    Saw The Police with Stevie Ray Vaughan and *cough* Bryan Adams at Aloha Stadium in '83 I think it was.

    Stuart was an animal. Insane energy from that guy and a very tasteful drummer. Something tells me he'd be playing speed metal if not for the Police and his grip. He's got some nice hi-hat work...plays a 13" I believe.
  5. He does indeed have some nice hi-hat work, i.e. Walking on the Moon.

    Aloha Stadium? Do you live in Hawaii?
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    Clive Bunker (Jethro Tull)
    Ginger Baker (Cream)
    Bill Ward (Black Sabbath)
    Billy Cobham - listen to "Spectrum", the album he made with
    Tommy Bolin
    Steve Gadd
    Alphonse Mouzon - "Birdfingers" off the album Eleventh House w/
    Larry Coryell
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    The Hawaii guy's did a good job with Pert and Bonzo. And yes Steve Gadd's work on Aja was tremendous.

    Keith Moon made the drums a lead instrument. In particular on Who's Next and Quadrophenia.

    The pre drum machine/sampling 70's produced many inspired percussionists. Billy Cobham. Danny Seraphine of Chicago. Mick Fleetwood (check out the last moments of Go Your Own Way). Rick Marotta also comes to mind for his great session work in L.A.

    I'd never ignore Charlie Watts. That intro on Beast of Burden. Smoooth.....
  8. Rod Morgenstein from Dixie Dregs.
    Phil Ehart from Kansas.
  9. Others:

    Phil Rudd - Early AC/DC. Basic but powerful. The art of less is more.

    Sib Hasheen - Boston.

    Mike Portnoy - Dream Theater. Peart-ish.

    Lars Ulrich - Metallica. Intricate.

    Scott Rockenfield - Queensryche. Nice grooves - check out his stuff on "Della Brown."
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