Let's talk about your trading security setup

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  1. Hello guys from Russia:)
    Сould you share your safety list
    I mean vpn, antivirus, firewall, etc.
    What are you using?
    I'll start with myself:
    Firewall- Comodo
    Antivirus - Avast,Dr.Web
  2. traider


    Can we also talk a bit about backup when broker connection goes down on site A
  3. Handle123


    Get a router that handles both DSL and cable, or get two routers, so if cable goes down, you have dsl or satellite or even T-3-if you have T-3 this might be your main connection if you cable is slower. Some areas like where I live T-3 is much more reliable than the cable.
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  4. I have a separate phone number for connection with the broker.
    At home I have two providers. One only for trade, the other for everything else. As a backup connection, I also have a tablet with a 3g connection.
    I am sorry for my english.It is not very well.
  5. I always use for trading my remote desktop by kryptos.pro As VPN I use OpenVPN service. Antivirus - 360 Total Security